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Sandra asks…

Your Opinions On NWO Plus THW Presents Over The TOP ROPE Part Ten of 12?

Entrant 14-Kasimir Nichols

Kasimir Nichols Enters-

Nichols dosen’t waste any time in not going to the ring.He is perfectly happy to sit this one out by the Securtiy Barricade.Meanwhile inside the ring Dustin Spade is fighting with the Fresher Jack Hunter,but neither are able to make any impact on each other as they are both worn down.Dustin lifts Hunter up but Hunter reverses it into a Codebreaker,and Dustin goes flying,but dosen’t go over the top rope.I A Meen attacks Scarface and tries to push him over the top,but Kasimir Nichols finally rushes in and flips them both over.Kasimir celebrates but both Spring the cat,and kick each other on the way back in to the ring.Kasimir turns around and spots them,and he charges them,but I A Meean flips him over but Kasimir stays,but Scarface locks in a ScarShooter teetering in the ropes,and neither will give so Scarface just drops it.

Entrant 15-Jerkster

Jerkster Enters-

Jerkster mows down everyone in the ring and hits Multiple Jerkster Bombs on I A Meen,Scarface,Kasimir Nichols and Dustin.Jack Hunter Enziguris him but Jerkster remains standing and charges him into the turnbuckle.Jerkster unches Jack but Eric Atom jumps on Jerksters back.Jerkster struggles and Atom hits an Atom Discharge knocking Jerkster senseless,and Atom charges Jerkster but out of instinct Jerkster Jerkster Bomb’s Atom over the top rope.(Eric Atom Eliminated)

Entrant 16-Adam Ejaz

Adam Ejaz Enters-

Adam rushes in with plenty of Adrenaline and takes out Jerkster with an N-Seguri and an A-Bomb,and the crowd goes wild as Adam takes to the top.Adam leaps from the top but I A Meen catches him and hits him with a Meen Streak,knocking him out.I A Meen goes to toss him out but Jack Hunter pushes him back and Adam goes flying into Meen,knocking him down.Scarface goes towards Kasimir Nichols and hits a Scardriver,but turns around and finds Dustin Spade waiting and Spade hits a Lightning Spiral on him,but Scarface stays on his feet but Dustin hits another Lighting Spiral and Scarface goes flying into Jerkster,who Flapjacks him to the mat.

Entrant 17-The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy Enters-

The Conspiracy enters with a flurry of Adrenaline and hits a Headlock Neckbreaker on I A Meen and hits a Shining Wizard on Jerkster.Conspiracy goes for another Shining Wizard on Scarface,but Scarface blocks his foot.This still dosen’t stop Conspiracy and Conspiracy swings his other foot around to hit the Shining Wizard.Conspiracy is on a roll and hits more strong moves on Jack Hunter and Dustin,but when he goes for Nichols,Nichols swings around and hits a Shining Wizard of his own,which sends Conspiracy into Jerkster,and a furious Jerkster just picks Conspiracy up and tosses him over.(The Conspiracy Eliminated).Jerkster taunts Conspiracy but Dustin Spade and Kasimir Nichols toss him over as well.(Jerkster Eliminated)

Entrant 18-Dylan Klein

Dylan Klein Enters-

Adam’s Partner enters and the two team up and take on Jerkster and I A Meen.The More Experienced Klein hits an Edgeucution on Meen and Adam hits an A-Bomb on Jerkster,and the two Hi-5 each other,but Dylan tosses Adam over the top.(Adam Ejaz Eliminated).Adam looks absoulotely shocked as Dylan tells him its every man for himself.Dylan turns around and runs into a Lightning Spiral by Dustin,but Dylan isn’t very affected as Dustin is weak.

Entrant 19-Genocide

Genocide Enters-

The exiting Genocide enters and hits a W.M.D on I A Meen,and the commentators say I A Meen has been the kicking pony since he entered.Genocide runs into Dustin Spade and Spade goes for a Lightning Spiral,but Genocide moves and hits a Death Sentence on him.Genocide struggles along the ropes and pulls Scarface into the turnbuckle and unloads on him,the No.1 Entrant,still very alive in this match.Genocide goes for a 10 Punch Combo but Scarface stops in at 8 and Genocide tries to drop down but Scarface keeps his knees up.Scarface tries to knee Genocide over the top but Genocide jumps off,only to land into a Codebreaker by Scarface.

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Mark asks…

Im 13 years old. and i am in the middle of writing a book.I don’t know how to get it published can anyone help?

The book im writing is a spin off of Harry Potter and i don’t know how to get it published can anyone help me. Here are the first 2 chapters.

Chapter 1

When the train left, everyone on board found their seats. The Potter’s and the Weasley’s all sat together in one car. After an hour of riding, Rose looked out the window of the car, and saw Malfoy’s little boy, “ Hey James, what is that Malfoy boy’s name again?” Asked Rose. “Umm, I think his name is Scorpius.” “Why?” “Just wond’rin.” Later, Rose spotted Scorpius looking through the window again, and so did Hugo. “LOOK JAMES”, “IT’S SCORPIUS!” James jumped up, and shouted at him.
“MY FAMILY MAY GET ALONG PRETTY WELL WITH YOUR DAD,” “BUT I KNOW BETTER,” “I CAN SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU,” “YOU LOWLIFE PIECE OF TRASH!” Then James kicked him out of their car. About a half-n-hour before arrival, the family changed into their robes. When they arrived, they got off the train, and before they split up, Albus, Hugo, and Rose had put on a scared face. James said “Don’t worry,” “you will be fine,” “as soon as you are sorted, we can sit together at Gryffindor table.” “What if we don’t all get in Gryffindor?” Asked Hugo. “I was just kidding with you,” “there is no reason you won’t be in Gryffindor.” James got on the carriage and rode off. Albus, Hugo, and Rose, got in the boats, and they suddenly started moving by themselves. When they got to the castle, they were escorted to the great hall, where they would be sorted into their houses. When they got into the Great hall, they started looking for James. They didn’t see him until they got to the end of the table. First, a girl named Rosemarie Patterson was called up. “Hmmm, What to do with you,” “Aw, I know just what to do,” “Huffellpuff!” Next, a girl with a last name that seemed pretty familiar to James, Albus, Rose, and Hugo was called up. “Let’s see,” “I’ll put you in,” “RAVENCLAW!” “I know who that is,” That is Luna Lovegood’s daughter.” Said James. Next, it was Albus’s turn, when he was called, everyone gasped. “Hmm, another Potter,” “NOT SLYTHERIN,” NOT SLYTHERIN,” “NOT SLYTHERIN.” “Where have I heard that before,” “ Oh right,” “ That is the same thing your father said.” “GRYFFINDOR!”
When Albus heard him say Gryffindor, he was so happy, he smiled so much he thought his face would be stuck. Rose and Hugo were put in Gryffindor as well. Last, Scorpius was called up. Just like his father, before the hat was placed on his head the hat said, “SLYTHERIN!” When everyone was placed, the headmistress came out, and made the food appear. Albus asked,” isn’t that Cho Chang,” “dad’s ex-girlfriend from when he went to Hogwarts?” “YEAH,” “I Think it is.” When the feast was over, they were escorted to their rooms by the Prefects. When they got to their dorms, they were told the basic rules and shown where there bunks were. “Well goodnight.” Said Rose, and they all went to bed.

Chapter 2
The next day, When Rose, James, and Hugo woke up, they found Albus sitting in the common room reading a book, with his mouth dropped down as far as he could stretch it. They walked up to him and asked if he was ok. “Yeah,” “I’m ok,” “ I woke up at about 5:00,” “So I decided to read a little,” “You’ll never guess what I just found out.” He handed the book to James, and he read it out loud.
One of the most famous, memorable, and Powerful
Wizard of all time is none other then the brave Mr. Harry Potter
also known as the boy who lived.
“What is that supposed to mean?” “Why didn’t he ever tell us that he is a famous Wizard?” “I wonder why he’s famous” Said James.
Mr. Potter is a very famous wizard, and one of the
most powerful Wizard of our generation for one particular reason.
Mr. Potter defeated one of the most evil wizards
that ever lived Named Voldemort,
in his last year at Hogwarts.
“Voldemort?” Said James. “I think I read about him in one of the books I read this morning,” Said Albus. “Let’s wait till we see our dad to question him about this,” “I want to ask him in person,” “not by mail,” Said James. “C’mon,” “We should get to the great hall for breakfast. After breakfast, Albus, Hugo, and Rose went to their first class of the day, which is Potions class, while James went to Divination class. When Albus, Hugo, and Rose got to potions, Professor Slughorn was really excited. He ran up to them and gave them a hug, then realizing what he was doing, he hurry up and let go. “ It is so very nice to meet you,” “You must be Hugo and Rose,” “You must be Mr. Potter, you look just like your father.” “How’d you know who we are?” Said Albus. “Well I taught your mothers and fathers and you three look just like them.” “Hello class.” “Today we will begin with a sleeping potion.” “Not that you look like you need it.” “You all look as if a single drop would send you off to dr

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That’s fanfiction. Try posting your story at
They have 430,000 HP fics alone listed on their site.

Joseph asks…

how is this short chapter from a story i wrote. Rate it. I used different literary characters from stories.?

Oh ye, n im in 8th grade….

801-Exit Project(Chapter 10/1st Draft)

Part 1
The Coliseum in which the battle had taken place was now destroyed, and what a battle it was. Our team of fighters had won. But of course, most victories come with a toll. Wonka, our courageous and dear friend had died, and most of the members of the team were now injured. I myself, was worn out, I am growing old and it seems that I am not what I used to be. Who knew a mere spell could take such energy out of a wizard, and old one at that. But I guess there is a reason why they are known as “old”. Ah, and I fine example I am.
“Prospero”!, Hercules said. “We need to get to Olympus right now, who knows what Haides will do”! “You idiot”!, I said in a loud and angry voice. “Look around you Hercules”! “You’re the son of Zeus and yet you have not even one bit of care for the people around you”. “Half our teams injured, and we are in no position to fight”! Hercules looked at me with a suspicious look. “So, you have taken Haides side on the matter I see”. “ I knew you were a traitor from the beginning old man”!, exclaimed Hercules in an ill temper. I stood shocked at what Hercules had said. “You lie young Hercules, you lie….”, I said. “No, you’re the one who lies, I speak the truth”!, said Hercules. “Then why haven’t you killed me!”, “Why”?!. “You say I am a traitor, and yet you let me live”. “ Perhaps you are the real traitor”!, I said angrily. “ You foolish man, how dare you accuse me of opposing my own father”!, Hercules said.
“Enough you two”!, exclaimed Lucy. “Haides is about to crush Olympus and the only thing you idiots can do is fight among yourselves”? “Oh, and the enemy is Haides, not Prospero. Got that Hercules”?, she said. “humph”, said Hercules. “But Prospero is right, we need to rest first, we are in no condition to fight, we will only get crushed and our only chance to win, will be demolished”!, said Cyrano. “My my sir, you use such big and poetic words”, said Hercules. “It is not I who am poetic, Tis the lovers heart”, said Cyrano in a soft and gloomy tone. “Can you forget about her already”!, said Hercules. “Roxanne is too good for you, an ugly fellow like you has no chance”! “Although I on the other hand…..”
“You wouldn’t dare”! said Cyrano angrily. “Calm down there, I was only joking”!, said Hercules.
“Forget these matters and focus on the situation at hand”, I said. “We need shelter to rest in and perhaps we can create a plan to overtake Haides”. “We don’t have much time….so we must hurry!” “Way to state the obvious old man”, said Hercules.
“Hercules, you and your filthy mouth…..”, I said in a disgusted manner. “Speaking of shelter, on a previous visit to Greece, I did happen to see a cave nearby the Coliseum”, spoke Lucy. “I don’t quite remember the location but surely, it was south of the Coliseum. “But Lucy, the exact location is not known, we must look toward that matter as well”, said Cyrano. “Aimlessly looking for a shelter would waste time. Precious Time in fact”, he said. “Ah, he’s proved a point! Unbelievable! I thought he was just a dumb and helpless victim of unrequited love.”, said Hercules, who was just listening to the teams conversations and staring into the sky.
Then with great accuracy, Lucy slapped Hercules on the head, and spoke, “You idiotic pest, what point did Cyrano prove? Its better then just sitting here in an open field vulnerable to attacks from Haides. “Lucy how could you do that to the great Hercules!?”, said Cyrano. “Oh, you mean the same Hercules whose looks you are jealous of and despise”, said Hercules. Cyrano just stood quiet. “Everyone calm down, its been decided. We will look for the shelter that Lucy was speaking about.”, I said. “Finally old man, your talking sense”. “You idiot, I am not an old man! I am the great wizard Prospero! So shut up before I fry your ass with one of my spells.” “Calm down old ma-….I mean, Prospero”., Hercules said as he stood terrified. “Ah, there we go!”, said Prospero.
“Alright everyone, lets head out”!, spoke Hercules in a bold manner. “indeed that boy Hercules is brave, but I am afraid all of this selfishness and his obsession with himself will bring him to a downfall, god if only someone could knock some sense into that boy.”, Prospero said to himself. We made our way through the forest. The day was hot, and humid. It was quite obvious the team was growing tired. “Boy, it sure is hot..”, said Cyrano in an exhausted manner. “Ah, hot? No! Not at all, the weathers lovely, the sun is shining, the birds are singing…”, Hercules said. “Does anyone happen to have a bit of water?”, he asked a minute later. At that moment, Hercules, along with rest of the team, saw Cyrano drinking their last bottle of water behind a tree they had walked by about a second ago. “Cyrano you idiot, that was our last bit of water, and you couldn’t even give us a bit?!”, Hercules said. “No, this is my water you fool! You gave your last bit to (Suddenly Cyrano‘s t

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Can you edit it, put paragraphs it, and make it easy to read? I couldn’t reasd the thing because it was hard to understand a blob of words.

Daniel asks…

What do you think about letting gays serve openly in the military?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lifting the Ban Would Do a Rank Disservice

by Robert Knight

As would-be presidential advisors go, the gay rights movement is nothing if not cheeky.

The Michael Palm Center, a “think tank” in California at UC Santa Barbara that gives academic cover to the campaign to bring open homosexuality to our nation’s armed forces, issued a 29-page memo in May.

The short of it is that they want President Obama to issue an executive order to get around the law passed by Congress in 1993.

They don’t want hearings. They don’t want the issue debated. They especially don’t want generals and admirals to inform weak-kneed congresspersons about why it’s not good to encourage open homosexuality in the barracks or aboard ships. In Self-Inflicted Wound, another Palm report issued in July, they offer this advice to Obama:

“…[I]n terms of their capacity to make trouble, it is the legislative process that would open a can of worms by allowing military leaders to testify at hearings and forge alliances with opponents on the Hill. A swift executive order would eliminate opportunities for them to resist.”

Did you catch that last phrasing? Can’t you just picture Barney Frank dressed as Caesar, telling the military brass and their pro-family allies, “Friends, it is futile to resist!” That would be enough to scare the Al-Qaeda militants back to their caves.

The Palm crew is right to fear public testimony by military leaders. More than 1,050 former generals and admirals, including more than 50 four-stars, have signed a petition urging the retention of the ban on homosexuality.

For his part, Obama promised gay rights militants the moon in his Oct. 11 speech to the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), from signing a hate crimes law, enacting a gay jobs bill (ENDA), overturning the Defense of Marriage Act, appointing more openly homosexual federal officials to lifting the military ban on homosexuality. Did he leave out anything?

During the week before the dinner, the White House announced that New Zealand would be treated to an openly gay U.S. ambassador. There is no word yet about how New Zealanders expressed their appreciation. Most of the countryside is populated by sheep when not overrun by cinematic Hobbits and evil Orcs. Yes, we know the good wizard Gandalf was played by sometimes-gay-activist Ian McKellen, who told an interviewer that he takes hotel Bibles and rips out pages dealing with same-sex sin. Perhaps he will put in a personal appearance when the ambassador makes the scene down under.

As for President Obama, he appeared to be warming to the Palm Center’s advice when he declared at the HRC dinner that, “I will end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” Not “we,” but “I.” He did not give a timetable. One helpful liberal blogger suggests that Obama might wait until he sees whether his Big Government schemes will cost him a second term, and then do it in the last days. If he’s sitting pretty, surviving political damage from the health care takeover and cap and tax climate bill, he could do it on the first day of his second term without political consequences.

Constitutionally speaking, lifting the ban would take an act of Congress. DADT is already a distortion of Section 654, Title 10 of the U.S. Code -the 1993 Eligibility Law, which says explicitly that anyone with a “propensity” for homosexuality is not eligible. The only legal change in longstanding policy was to remove the induction question, a compromise that friends of the military made to get the bill passed in a Democratic Congress.

Any rash move by the president could deeply affect morale. Elaine Donnelly of the Center for Military Readiness notes, “If President Obama yields to gay activist pressure and unilaterally suspends or stops enforcement of the law, the troops would perceive that action as an evasion of his oath to ‘faithfully execute’ the laws of the United States.”

In Congress, Rep. Patrick Murphy (D-Pa.) has taken the lead in sponsoring the fancifully titled “Military Readiness Enhancement Act of 2009” (HR 1283). Originally introduced by California ultra-liberal Democrat Ellen Tauscher, the bill would open the armed forces to every known “sexual orientation” up to and including transsexuality “either real or perceived.” How this would improve “readiness” is anyone’s guess. A major argument is that the military under the current ban is bleeding talent it can ill afford to lose. Really?

Since 1994, less than 1,000 people per year have been discharged on average for homosexuality from all of the armed services combined. This amounts to 3.2 percent or 12,985 out of a total of 289,263 discharges for various reasons, including drugs, serious offenses, weight standards, pregnancy and parenthood. About half of the homosexual discharges are due to voluntary admission. (“I’m gay! I’m out!”)

To add perspective, the U.S. armed forces comprise just over 1.36 million people. If losing less than a thous

admin answers:

As a retired 20 year man I can state with certainty that gay men and women have always been there and probably always will be. If a serviceman or woman does their job and doesn’t bother anyone else there is no reason to intrude on what they do at home, DADT was a bad idea to begin with and remains so, it should be done away with.

Lizzie asks…

Can anyone help me with my story?

Here it is. It is a Harry Potter Fan fiction for Fan Fiction dot net, and I need help with spelling, and grammar, and any suggestions on how to make it better? Thanks, oh and the little girl telling the story is Sarah Black, my OC, daughter of Sirius, and Joyce Black. Voldemort’s mother was killed before he was born, so yeah. Thanks again!

I sighed.
“When are our Hogwarts letters gonna come? I’m suffering from boredomness, wait, is that even a word? No, it probably isn’t. Too bad, I’m using it anyway,” I complained. I was sprawled on my bed, while Harry was sitting on my desk, wait, when did I get a desk? Wow, I should pay attention to that kind of stuff.
He groaned.
“I don’t know!” Harry said, annoyed. I walked over to my stereo, and turned on some Muse.
“I’m really bored.”
“I know.”
“I’m bored,”
“I know.”
“I’m bored,”
“I’m bored,” Harry sighed, and left. I went downstairs to find N. Oh, N is Nymphadora, my cousin, she’s 18.
“I’m bored,” I said.
“Wanna go outside?” She asked with a wink. A wink means that we are really going to go and rate guys by their hotness, wait; I don’t really think that’s a word either. ARGH! Am I going insane? Probably, yes.
“Ohh, what about him? I’d say nine and a half,” She pointed to some guy’s back.
“Zero, he isn’t hot, he is really ugly, look!” I pointed to the guy, except now you could actually see his face.
“Ohhhhhh, yeeeeeeaaaaah…”
“Him? Errr, 10!” I pointed.
“Yeah, 10!” An owl flighted, wait is that a word? Over to us, and I founded out it was my Hogwarts letter! Wait, founded isn’t a word, either. ARGH! I ran inside, screaming,
“MUM! DAD! MY HOGWARTS LETTER CAME! LOOK! It says Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Headmaster Albus Dumbledore order of, Merlin first class, grand, sorcerer Chief Warlock? Supreme Mugwump, international confederation of wizards. Dear Miss Black, WE are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on September 1. We await you owl by no later than July 31. Yours sincerely,
Minerva McGonagall, Deputy Headmistress. I CAN’T BELIEVE IT! I’M GOING TO HOGWARTS!!!!”
Disclaimer…I own nothing, except my OC’s… JK owns all else, all hail JK Rowling!

admin answers:

Ok seriously.
A: Spell Check
B: It needs a plot
C: If McGonagall is Headmistress then Sirus is dead (Siruis Dies in 5th book remember? McGonagall becomes headmistress in 7th Book.)
D: It’s good to a point
E: Space it out
F: I’m not trying to be mean it was good
G: Look up writing tips (They save alot of time!!)

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