Your Questions About Pokerstars Download

Thomas asks…

Can you play on pokerstars with a logitech revue?

just wondering if i will be able to download the software to play.

admin answers:

I don’t know what Logitech Revue exactly is, but Pokerstars only runs on Microsoft and Mac operating systems. My best guess would be that you can run it only using some sort of remote desktop app, where you still need a Mac or a PC running Pokerstars.

Steven asks…

can I put pokerstars on my PSP?

tried downloading pokerstars last night, It said download complete, and then said back? Is there some how this can be done? thanks
They want me to choose a best answer still???? When I get two of the dumbest answers i could ask for!! lol

admin answers:

Bother someone else about this situation. May I recommend 1-800-4-MY-XBOX.

Ruth asks…

is anyone else having trouble downloading the latest pokerstars update?

it gets to 75% and stops. is it just me??

admin answers:

Well yesterday the domains for full tilt poker, pokerstars and absolute poker were seized by the FBI. The top officers of the companies were charged w/ money laundering and stuff like that. The articles are on yahoo news, drudgereport and other news outlets, that probably has something to do with it. Nothing has been said about the money in the players accounts so i hope you don’t get screwed.

Donna asks…

Pokerstars is it free?

I downloaded pokerstars from pokerstars dot net yesterday and they asked for info
I played couple games and lost the 1000 I started iwth, is it free? Will I be charged? cause I dont see where they would charge me or anything

I also heard that there free qualifying tournaments?

admin answers:

Did you give them your credit card? Did you give them your checking account?

How will they charge you?

This is all play money. Go to the cashier and they will give you another 1,000 in play money.

Yes, there are things called „free rolls“. If you win one of those, you will get real money. The odds are NOT good.

Have fun!

Linda asks…

Hey i need help with downloading and openin pokerstars..!!!?

ohkay im a college student and i want to play poker in the library. but theres a firewall or somethin that blocks me from openin and running the application after downlaoding. but i have seen people playing it is there any other way to download and open it? .. i need need help plz..!!

admin answers:

Try playing at instead. Better site in my opinion

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