Your Questions About Free Poker

James asks…

How would I go about winning free money playing poker on the internet?

Is there any non download free poker website that you don’t need to pay and you win money.

admin answers:

Http:// is exactly what you’re looking for. They pay you money when you win, but the whole site is FREE!

Betty asks…

What site offers a free poker with real cash/prize in both ring game and tournament?

I’m looking for a poker site that I can play free but can win real cash. I know some sites offer freeroll tournaments, but I’d like to play ring games too. Any site that provides both ring and tournament game offering real prize?

admin answers:

Try AllinSpot poker . This site will satisfy what you are look for. It provides both ring and tournament game, and all games are free. AllinSpot poker has an in-house currency, SP$, and the tournaments have a prize in SP$. SP$ can be converted to game dollar(G$) that can be used to play in a ring game. The G$ can also be converted to SP$, and all the SP$ are exchangeable for US$ on the Cashier.

You can win real cash in both tournaments and ring games while playing for free. Hope this information will help.

Donald asks…

Free Poker?

Does anyone know some good places to play No Limit Texas Hold’em withplay cash for free?

admin answers:

If not poker stars, Full Tilt is definitely one of if not the best. There’s thousands of players always on, there’s many games and types thereof, you can search for friends, and you can watch pros play each other in the big cash games. There’s some good free rolls so you can win money without depositing or risking any, as well.

Nancy asks…

How do I gain more free zynga poker chips?

I’ve lost all of my free poker chips on facebook. Was just curious if you can get more free chips.

admin answers:

You get new chips from Zynga everyday if you login to my knowledge

Donna asks…

Where can I find free poker training videos?

Does anyone know of any good places to find free poker training videos? I want to improve my poker game.

admin answers:

Youtube? Idk, that place is full of everything. Punch in a few random words and pick the bullshit with the highest number of views 😉

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