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David asks…

Poker Help, calculating poker oddsand defining outs?

Any explanations to calculating poker odds, can be brief, any help would be appreciated, and define „outs„. I am in desperate need of tutoring on poker as i have suffered numerous defeats within the last month. i’ll take any help. thanks =]

admin answers:

To work out whether the right decision is to call a bet or not you need to work out the pot odds and put that against the real odds . If the pot is $100 and you need to call a $20 bet then you are getting 5 to 1 pot odds. If the real odds are less then call, if real odds are greater then fold.

You work out real odds by counting out how many unseen cards can help you (outs) against how many unseen cards won’t help you. So on the turn you might have a flush draw where there are 9 cards left that can help you and so the other 37 cards won’t help you. This gives you real odds of 37 to 9 or 4.1 to 1. If you were getting pot odds 6 to 1, then call, if you were getting 2 to 1, then fold.

Mandy asks…

In poker does your pot odds have to be better than your outs or vice versa??

im a begenner trying to learn odds and outs of poker

admin answers: should tell you.

Carol asks…

Why learn Poker odds?

What do you achieve out of learning all the poker odds in Texas Hold’em Poker?

admin answers:

All good players understand poker odds.

For example:
You are playing Texas Holdem
You have 7spades 8 spades
The flop comes up 9spades 10 clubs 2 spades

You know for a fact that your opponent has Aclubs Adiamonds.

He goes all in for 2000 dollars. The pot already contained 2000 dollars. You have 5000 and it will cost you 2000 to call. Do you call?

Without knowing odds, you might say no. Understanding pot odds, first thing you do is figure out what kind of pot odds you are getting.
The pot has 4000, and you need to bet 2000 for a chance to win that 4000, so you are getting 2:1 on your money.

Now what is the chance you win the hand??? You are actually a favorite in the hand. 15 cards on the turn or the river will win the hand for you. One of those 15 cards will come up about 54% of the time. So by knowing the odds, you know this is an easy call.

In case you are wondering, these are the 15 cards that will help you: Any of the 9 remaining spades(3,4,5,6,10,J,Q,K,A) will give you a flush. Any 7 or Jack will give you a straight. There are 4 7s and 4 jacks left, but we already counted one of each when counting the spades. So there are 9 spades, 3 additional jacks, and 3 additional 6s that win you the hand

If this sounds boring to you, you will never be a truly succesful poker player

Donna asks…

Poker Odds and Percentages.?

In Texas Holdem-how do you finger out Poker Odds and/or percentages?

admin answers:

It is basicly a way of finding out the ood of your hand IMPROVING NOT WINNING. Lets say you flop an open ended straight draw. Your holding 7, 8, off suit. The flop comes 5, 6, Q. So any 9 or 4 will give you a straight your hand improves. There are four 9s in the deck and four 4s in the deck so you have 8 (4+4=8) outs to the straight. Take your number of outs and multiply it by 4 and that will give you the % chance your hand will improve.
(8 outs X 4= 32) you have about a 32% chance of hitting the straight. There is a more precise way to calculate the odds but multiplying your outs by 4 is damn close to acurate and yery easy to do.

Lets take that same hand with the straight draw and give us a flush draw as well. You hold 7h,8h the flop comes 5h, 6c, Qh. So you have the same out to the straight as last example but are now holding a flush draw as well. We no there are 13 hearts in a deck of cards and you see four of them. That leaves nine hearts still available.So you have 9 outs to the flush. Add your outs together (9 outs to a flush + 8 outs to the straight = 17 outs). Take your 17 outs and mutiply by 4 and you have a 68% chance of drawing one of your outs and making the flush or straight.

If you dont hit your card on the turn your % odds are cut in half with only one card to come (the river). 68% drops to 34%.

You also have outs to pairs. You could pair up your hole cards 7, 8. You could say you have three outs to a pair of 7s and three outs to a pair of 8s. Not a very strong pair at this point in a game so I wouldent get to excited about them.

Good Luck.

Charles asks…

anyone wanna calculate some poker odds for me?

I made it to the final 20 players in a tourney to win a seat into the WSOP. This guy had been stealing blinds left and right, he reraised preflop… (heres where i made my mistake) instead of just calling or reraising what i thought was a bluff i moved all in… and he called me.

I had A 8 and he called with 6 6…. the flop came up A 2 3 rainbow and boy was i relieved. I WOULD have been 2nd in chip and a shoe in to win a seat BUT he hit runner runner. The turn was a 4 and the river was a 5….

what are the odds that he could have won that hand?….he had 2 outs to hit a 6 and by the rule of four…. 4 times 2 outs tells me he had a 8% chance of beating me by making a set. but that doesn’t take into account the chances that he could have hit runner runnner which gave him 8 more outs but he would have had to hit two of them in a row….

so what were the odds?
side rant: im so pissed i played excellent poker like a pro all night and my one mistake cost me a seat in to the WSOP…..i frickin had a 91% win rate in showdowns and in other wins…… won 9 out 10 showdowns and like 24 out of 26 other wins….i know i should have just called or raised and then pushed hard at the flop but

i mean seriously what kind of a donk calls an all in raise with a 6 6? frickin Phil Gordon even says that playing hands like that for all ur chips is suicide,,,, i was playing aggressive tight and if he was ne kind of player he would have realized this and thought i had a monster hand and he still called…. fortunately right after the idiot immediately donked his chips away and lost but he knocked me out in the process…..
you didnt see him play i did he was a donk he immediately lost all of his and my chips afterwards on donk hands

admin answers:

Well that’s a tough way to lose, but sadly when calculating the chance of winning the hand, you must do so at the time when the money goes in. The way you lost was odd, but is part of the total winning calculation.

Hand 0: 55.86% { 66 }
Hand 1: 43.76% { A8o }

After that flop, the chances are as follows:

Hand 0: 10.40% { 66 }
Hand 1: 89.60% { A8o }

So when the money went in you were going to lose 55.86% of the time. After the flop, you would win 89.60% of the time. There are small discrepencies preflop because a small % of the time you would tie and I didn’t include that percentage.

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