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James asks…

Does anyone know about any cool free poker software that lets you to calculate odds and stuff like that.?

Prefably one that is compatible with fulltilt poker that can analise your odds while u play.

admin answers:

Try pokerwingman. It automatically connects to the site (Im pretty sure that it’s compatible with full tilt) and calculates odds / chance of winning / advice on whether to check/call or raise etc. Etc. The basic software that features the above is free but the full application is about $35 I think and that has more features. No date input is needed at all.

Hope this helps.

Charles asks…

What is the best poker software to buy?

I want to buy software to play poker that tells me pot odds and my opponents stats.
Does anyone know which is the best?
I dont really like poker tracker, it looks way to fussy and difficult to use.
Appriciate any advice.

admin answers:

Poker tracker is really very easy to use. You can auto import hands to it, and once you do and set your screen name as default, it is as easy as opening up the software to be able to see any stats of yours you want, and then typing in whichever opponent you want to see his stats.

If you really hate PT, try poker Office. A lot of people who hate PT like PO.

If you want other stats on the table, I think Poker Ace HUD is the best. It shows all the stats on your opponents you’d like it to show from your PT database right on the table, as well as a table of odds.

A site like will give you either piece of software free as a bonus for signing up on certain sites.

Betty asks…

Where can I find this poker software?

I saw a piece of software that calculates the odds a certain starting hand has of winning against another starting hand. Does anyone know of any software like this?

admin answers:

You must be talking about pokerstove.

There many poker programs that can calculate poker odds. Most of these poker simulators use a general purpose algorithms to perform the poker odds calculations. This generic approach doesn’t take advantage of the full range of possible optimizations. To explore the effect of global optimizations, a preflop evaluator which can fully enumerate complex preflop situations was developed.

PokerStove is the100x faster than any other program. PokerStove is a poker calculator for Texas Hold’em. It is currently available free of charge, with no spyware, spam or other annoyances.

Here is the link:

Hope i helped 🙂

William asks…

I’m thinking about some help software for online poker, any suggestions?

I’m looking at some online software programs to help my online poker games. Statistic tracker, real time odds, outs and player analyzer would be great! Remember the cheaper the better! haha I’m not looking for an odds calc you have to put anything in manually I would prefer it runs in the background and I only have to glance at it… Any other ideas?

admin answers:

Visit the link below for a list of free poker software

Donna asks…

Betfair games (poker,Baccarat) on the Internet, is the software runs really at random, or controlled?

If you have good knowledge about gaming software, this one is for you. I have been observing the Poker and Baccarat games on Betfair to see if I may have ago at it. But I have noticed some strange betting behaviour, for example when there are two hands the first is very strong hand and should be favourite and the betting should reflect this probability, however suddenly money goes on the second hand and it becomes the favourite at low odds. You look at this and can’t help wondering if these people gone mad? even if they fancy this hand to win, they should back it only at good odds to reflect its chances. And guess what? the second hand wins. I do understand that strong hands can’t win all the time but the betting should always reflect its strong probability.
I think the computer selects the cards for each hand IN ADVANCE, sitting there in the memory to be released as the betting rounds progress. if someone can access the memory just as the game starts, then…!
What do you think?

admin answers:

I’ve looked at this in some depth before too – mainly on the blackjack and poker – and I believe that the majority of the money you see is Betfair’s own money. They make the market, with a 1-2% window in the odds, based on the true probability of each hand.

I honestly don’t know if there is any way to capitalise on these exchange games. Betfair still charge 3% commission and often you would need to lose another 1% by taking odds that are slightly under what they should be, so you would need to be better than the machine by 4% to break even, nevermind making a profit, and that could be difficult to do.

I write for….


And I’m going to go into more detail about BF’s exchange games on the site this week, so if you’re interested you might like to subscribe for updates.

Good luck with it in either case.

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