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Ken asks…

Anyone know an easy way to figure pot odds at a poker table?

admin answers:

Download a piece of software called Pokerbility. It’s only a 30 days trial but it gets you used to what hands to play and the hand-odds. I also recommend that you use it on

Michael asks…

In a poker table you been dealt 55 what are the approximate odds that?

someone holds and overpair to your 55? (9 player table)
Wow I didn’t know it was that low..

admin answers:

The odds of someone having a pair higher than yours in Texas Hold ‚Em in their pocket cards are 4.94%. This is assuming you’re the small blind. The odds change depending on where you’re sitting.

Paul asks…

In NL Holdem Poker, what are the odds of the board showing a royal flush at a 9 person table?

This is Texas Hold’em, after all five cards are dealt the board has a royal flush (TJQAK same suit)

admin answers:

I am no mathematician so this is an extremely difficult problem to solve. Assuming that no hands are dealt to anyonee board is dealt, then the odd of the board showing a royal flush is 1 in 812175. With 9 hands being dealt before the board, the odds of a royal flush is far less likely. Hope this helped you at all.

Susan asks…

Is it better to play at a poker table with more or less players – lets say all players are equal in talent.?

What are your better odds? Playing at a table thats full – 9 players including yourself, or less players – lets say 4 including yourself.

Which is better or does it not matter?

admin answers:

Always fewer players.

If you have 4 players, you have a 25% chance of beating 3, 50% chance of beating 2, 75% chance of beating one.

If there are 3 players, you get 33/66%.

If there are 2 players, you get 50%.

This is why tournaments with 1k players are so hard to win, and why most of the big money winners on the sharkscope leaderboards only play heads up.

Laura asks…

Me and a couple friends with laptops at same poker table online?

if i have 2 friends with me. im on a landline internet connection and they are on wireless could we be at the same table? im sure people have tried it but it seems like it could be profitable. sit at a 6 person table, we have 3 of us…i like the odds. so will there be a problem

admin answers:

Wouldn’t that be the same as cheating?

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