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Daniel asks…

how do i deposit on

i created my account and verified my email and all that but i dont have a cashier button anywhere on my lobby screen. im stuck in the play money and cant see any real money games. how do i fix this?

admin answers:

You ca not deposit money at as it is only for play money players for fun game.

If you want to play for real money poker at Pokerstars then visit here:

Here you will get 100% deposit bonus up to $50 Free. Also use Poker Stars Marketing Code: PSP5924

David asks…

Is free to play ?

what i mean about free to play is that if we dont have to pay or bet real money

admin answers:

You can play for free if you wish. You can add funds to real money account on there and play for real money if you wish. Its free to download and free to play, unless you want to play with real money in that case you need bank account or credit card. You can also enter free tournaments that can award you with real money and real prizes.

George asks…

In 2-7 Lowball on…?

When playing with play money I have seen people have side pots. What is that? Is that a side bet of real money?

admin answers:

It means that one of the players (Player A) has put all his money in but the others (Players B and C) have more money. Players B and C have bet more than Player A has. So the main pot has all pf Player A’s money with matching amount from Players B and C. The side pot is the extra money being bet by Players B and C. Player A cannot get the money in the side pot, even if he wins the main pot handily. The side pot is only for B and C to compete for.

You’ll see side pots in nearly every game, especially no-limit games. Once players have uneven stacks, this happens. Sometimes, in a wilder NL tourney, there may be several side pots.

BTW, in 2-7 single draw NL, it’s fairly rare in real money games that anyone will be allin. So, if you ever switch over to real money, expect that someone who shoves will have nothing worse than 8 hi. Play money games are a lot looser.

Mandy asks…

Which online poker site is the safest to play on?

I use to play on and stopped because I heard about all the different types of software that the people use on there to cheat with. I want to get back into it again because i love to play for real money. Does anyone know which is the safest site to play on? Do any of these poker sites use software’s to catch cheaters? Do cheaters have under the rader software programs to get under the anti-cheating software?

admin answers:

Poker Stars is completely safe, the only software used is profiling software to track players stats and anything else Poker Stars has security measures in place to guard from. Anyway I would stick with Full Tilt or Poker Stars but there are also quite a few others that are just as safe, you can read reviews at the site below for more info. On this plus each sites best current bonus and realtime freeroll info.

Betty asks…

Does playing online poker (with play money chips) really improve your game or is it just a waste of time?

I try to play my hands as if I’m using real money, but then you have people who make ridiculous calls and raises with brutal hands and win by sheer luck.

I play on I heard about some kind of tournament where they stake you 100,000 and you win what you keep. Does anyone have details on this??

Also, my current plan (I’m 21 and in school for accounting) is to get my degree and once my salary reaches $60,000 after taxes to use half of that money every year to play with as a bankroll.

Is $30,000 a year enough to play with? How much money do you need to play in the WSOP?? Can amateurs play or do you need specific credentials??

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read and respond
thanks for the info CC. It’s difficult getting good responses in this section.

$10,000 buy in for the WSOP poker sounds reasonable and my cousin lives in Las Vegas so that helps.

I hope I never bet anything I can’t afford to lose, but the rush of gambling is in my blood. Maybe it’s best that I stop before I even start, but I have to play in the WSOP at least once.

Getting my butt kicked and losing the 10 grand will probably take that gambling spirit and crush it. So it’s kind of a win win. Either I win big or lose big and end it right there. Can always tell my grand kids that I played in the WSOP one time way back when.

admin answers:

First you are going to have the idiots who make ridiculous calls and raises with brutal hands and wins by sheer luck no matter where you play, for real money or play money, in cash games and in tournaments. The trick is making the right decision with the information you have been given. The cards, what you know about your opponents, the odds and outs, etc.
Playing with play money is a great way to learn the basics, however if you are serious about playing in the WSOP, my advice is learn, practise, learn, learn some more and practise. You should be spending 2 hours in theory for every hour you play. Books and online are great.
If you haven’t read them yet, check out the books series by Dan Harrington, he has a set on tournament play and one for cash games.
Take an online course, Most of the major poker providers also have or are associated with an online poker school. This a great way to learn the game, get free money to play with and you also get the chance to evaluate the poker rooms and see which fits best to your style. Try them all! Even if you’ve already been playing, this is a way to increase your bankroll!! For free!! For a listing of how you can get up to $500 for free check out:
And don’t ever forget that this is a game and you shouldn’t play with any money that you aren’t prepared to lose. Maybe once you are working and maybe have a family half of your earnings will seem different to you. Most players I know, build their bankroll by playing and winning and going up levels when their bankroll allows.
Good luck and have fun!!

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