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Helen asks… not working. Help please?

I downloaded and tried to start Pokerstars and at the start up hud it says „Signature Expired or Wrong Time Settings“ any help with this i would really appreciate… thank you

admin answers:

Dont really know what the problem is. Try contacting them. Theres a button on the front page..i think near the bottom that says „contact us“. Hit that. Good luck =/

Paul asks… question?

I made a quick pokerstars screen name to get on and play. after a while I thought it got old so I tried to make a new one, but apparently, you can only log into one account. I can’t remember my password, let alone my screenname, which has either 4 or 6 „5s“ in it. So I can’t even get on to play, it’s on my computer taking up space. I’ve tried deleting pokerstars then downloading it again, but it doesn’t work. What do I have to do to make a new screename and play poker again?, the rest of the sites aren’t as good as pokerstars.

admin answers:

Check your email account to see if you have the account name somewhere in an email from pokerstars. If not, contact support and you should be able to sort everything out.

Sandy asks…

pokerstars.nets big game on tv?

ive been watching the show pretty faithfully these past couple weeks i been looking to enter the tournaments they have to qualify to get on the show on there website ive downloaded the program yearss ago because i am a active poker player and i cant seem to find them anywhere on the website it says there gonna have 4 qualifiers a day until decemeber…. can someone help me out ? thanks !

admin answers:

To the first qualifier: Tournament tab, regional tab, Big Game Round 1.

Aside from the difficulty in getting to the final group, then there is the video — where you will need to impress Pokerstars and the show producers with your viability as entertainment. That’s not easy. Out of the thousands who get that far, few will be chosen to get on the show. It’s not just about playing. Some people post their videos on You Tube — I don’t know if that’s required. This is one of the winning videos:

Anyway, the rules are here:

Robert asks…

No cashier button on pokerstars?

I recently downloaded the software. Everyone tells me that there is supposed to be a button called cashier to deposit money. I have no such button. What could be the problem?

admin answers:

If you’re looking to play for real money, you need to download the software at pokerstars.COM not pokerstars.NET. The latter is only for play money.

George asks…

What does it mean when it says something is not a valid Win32 application, and how do i stop that message?

I am trying to download and everytime i try to download it, it fully downloads then comes up with a message that says „unknown publisher“ then i click run and it says this really long file name and it says that that file name is not a valid Win32 application, and i dont know what to do

admin answers:

That could mean one of several things:

1. The program was downloaded improperly.
2. It is missing a necessary runtime to be run.
3. It is for another operating system (very unlikely).

I would say that the cause is most likely number 1, the file was either not completely downloaded, or the copy from the website is corrupt.

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