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Sharon asks…

Is Pokerstars real money or not?

I am a member of and did not put any credit card info into the system. I entered a tournament which is Humbble’s NL freeroller tournament. Normally the money doesnt have a dollar sign next to it. It does in this tournament so does that mean its real money?

admin answers:

You can win money at the Hubble freerolls. I didn’t know you can get to them from .net, but if you can, then you can. I’ve only used the .com site. You can play for play money there as well, there is nothing you can’t do on .com that you can on .net

Jenny asks…

on does it charge u real money?

i just started playing and i was wondering if it charged u real money if u lose or stuff like that.becuase if i play i dont want a bill to come to my house saying i have to pay. so if u could answer thanks.
Like the first person said i did put my address in there since it was a recuired field and will they still charge you for this?

admin answers:

No its an online game and they cant charge you money if they dont know where you live

Sandy asks…

When playing poker online with real money?

I want to start just for fun, with no more than 50 dollars. But on Its either 1/2 5/10 or 100/200 dollar blinds.

My question is. When playing with real money, will it be the same blinds, obviously with 50 dollars i would want to play the 1/2 dollar blinds.

admin answers:

As someone else mentioned you will need to uninstall Poker Stars and download the full version (the .com).

I don’t agree with those who tell you to switch sites. Poker Stars is the biggest site in the world. They will give you a 100% bonus match of the $50 deposit. After you have earned enough FPP they will just give you $50 of free cash.

The reason I disagree with switching to another site (even though I personally prefer Full Tilt in some respects), is because if you are familiar with playing on a good site like Stars for play money, it will not be a big deal to switch to real money. You will understand the software, you are familiar with the pace, the look and the feel. Your play money experience will make you more comfortable transitioning to real money.

The cash games start as low as one cent two cent blinds. So you will be able to find games you are comfortable with. And you can still play play money on the .com version of the site if you wish to.

They also have plenty of tournaments you can play for $1ish. Remember never to risk a high percentage of your bankroll in any one game, as even good players will have variance.

Good luck!

Daniel asks…

Can I play on using their play-money system if I am under 18 years of age?

I have recently become interested in the game of Texas Hold ‚Em and I would like to get the best experience of serious poker playing online. The Facebook applications and other „non-serious“ online poker sites that I have tried do not offer the „real experience“ in my opinion. I say this because any old schmuck and come in and go all-in with a worthless hand, lose, and come back just to do the same again. PokerStars seems to have what I want and my parents used to use it, not too long ago. For the record, I am 15 years of age.

admin answers:

No – even for play money, it’s 18+.

Helen asks…

I had a account on my computer and my uncle now uses it to play (for real money) can I use that account to play on .net??????

admin answers:

Yes you can, but not at the same time and I believe it is going to be the same password

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