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John asks…

is a safe download?

Has anyone used this download??

admin answers:

Mcafee site adviser gives the site an ok. Http://

William asks…

If you download poker programs from,, etc, do you run the risk?

of downloading spyware, adware, viruses or trojans also?

admin answers:


Chris asks…

pokerstars wont download :S?

yeah i uninstalled it off my freinds comp the to download .com so i can play the cash games but now it wont download please help

admin answers:

Dear Kory,
If that does not work just go to full tilt, same stuff.
Good luck ,

Susan asks… for mac?

i am trying to download pokerstars on my mac but after everything is complete i hit the icon an nothing happens. if it helps i have the mac osx10.5 system. nothing seems to work so if someone could help it would be nice. thanks

admin answers:

I opened mine through my applications and it seems to work fine

Linda asks…

Has anyone found spyware on

I haven’t heard anything about it and I watched people play it and it looked fun but I’m worried about it since you have to download it instead of playing in java/shockwave. Has anyone found problems with it or know of how I can find out without downloading it because there is no agreement/readme till it’s downloaded so I wanna know…

admin answers:

I am not sure about that particular poker program; however, when a poker-playing buddy of mine wanted me to download a free, not gambling, poker „room“ to play when he sat here, when he was not sitting here, i saw that for sure, it was full of spyware, malware, adware, etc. By using my programs that search for it. I just took the darned game off! Many, many, many games are spyware and i’d say, not even worth it.

If you pay to download it, then be sure to update your directx controls before you play it, else, it may cause you play problems.

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