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Paul asks…

Looking for a free poker that I can play on a network at my house?

I want to have a poker tournament with my computers but I don’t have a game that I can set up a private tournament on.
Oh and it should be texas hold em

admin answers:

Poker TH – Free Open Source poker program
You can play up to 7 players on it, in LAN 🙂

Sharon asks…

name of poker game network advertised by Daniel Negreano.?

free diferent poker games played worldwide

admin answers:

Mark asks…

Where can I download the full version of the governor of poker for free?

Is it possible without using a p2p network like downloading something such as limewire

admin answers:

I no you said you would rather not use p2p but it is an effective way. If you do decide to go with p2p then try Its better than limewire in my opinion

hope this helped

David asks…

what happened to inter poker?

alright so i haven’t been on interpoker for a while so i go to for my free play download and the logos are the same but when i download the software it gives me a new ugly logo and new network not like the old one how can i get the old inter poker logo back with the old tables?

admin answers:

YEH! What happened to it?


James asks…

We need a good free LAN game! Any suggestions?

Me and my friends in college want a good game to play over the network in between studying and classes.

We already play:
Unreal Tournament 2004
Colin McRae Rally 2.0
Counter Strike 1.6
Battlefield 1942 (with DC Extended and DC Final patches)
Poker TH Portable
Scorched 3D

Our computers all have Pentium Ds and are running XP. Just wondering if there’s any other good games we’re missing.

Bonus points if you know of a game that’s free to download!


admin answers:

War rock is free to download

but i think u guys shud just play call of duty 4 (if ure computers can take it)

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