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Carol asks…

how do you find the lobby when opening the website from scratch?

I’ve already been logged on, created an account, and played. However, when I log in to the site (, there is no lobby link. It only makes me re-download the software and start from scratch. What is the URL to open up the game directly (in the lobby) so I can log in and play? Thanks!

admin answers:

The lobby isn’t played in your internet browser, it’s its own application.

Start>all programs>PokerStars>pokerstars.exe

James asks…

Playing poker for money on a cell phone?

Hi, I was wondering if it’s possible to play a poker game for money on your cell phone. Is it possible to download and run something like or a similar program on your phone? Thanks!

admin answers:

Sadly, not yet. Since all use proprietary software that’s designed for specific operating systems their use on cell phones isn’t possible. That’s why iPhone „apps“ are all custom built. I heard rumors that Pokerstars and Fulltilt are developing smartphone apps, but until then you’ll just have to use Zynga to get your poker fix. It sucks, but when you deal with a lot of downtime it’s better than staring at the ceiling.

Chris asks…

looking for another online texas holdem site?

i`m already playing free poker on looking to download another texas holdem site, that is free. but wich one there is so many. need some help with legite ones.

admin answers:

All the sites on this list are legit, free and allow American players. If you just want to play for play money maybe try FTP, or Poker

John asks…

Why won’t my laptop finish downloading anything past 99%?

I am using Internet Explorer and I am trying to download Zune software from and PokerStars from Everything I download goes fine until it gets to 99% and it just stops. I’ve tried multiple times and it won’t work. I’ve read other websites that say to download a „Download Manager“ but when I do that it only goes to 99%! AHHHHHHHHH!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

admin answers:

It could be that it finishes (but it won’t show you 100%) and then your virus scanner is trying to scan it, and this is where it actually freezes up. Disable any virus scanning software on your computer and try to download something.

Sharon asks…

Belkin wireless g router for dummy! It runs very slow for internet and WoW(which is most important) HeLp!?

So i am very stupid when it comes to routers and internet speed and i need to know how to fix a few of the following:
When i plug the internet straight into my computer the internet is fine, but when i use my router (belkin wireless g router 2.4Ghz-802.11g) it slows down to a crawl. This includes problems loading screens fully, watching entire videos, playing any games, and loading downloaded games such as WoW and Now i dont know how to mess with anything on this router so ANY SUGGESTIONS ARE HELPFUL i just as that you make it very detailed lol TY

admin answers:

Internet Speed Test
Connect Modem [wired] to Router [wireless] to PC.

Set router POWER OFF.

Reset modem: With a straightened paperclip, press RESET button momentarily.

Wait 60 secs.

Set router POWER ON.

Reset router: With a straightened paperclip, press RESET button momentarily.

Wait 60 secs.

PC Command Line:

Click [Start] – Click [Run…] – enter: cmd, Click [OK]

At the prompt (c:…..>) enter: ipconfig /release, press [ENTER]

At the prompt (c:…..>) enter: ipconfig /renew, press [ENTER]

TEST: Open Web Browser: Connect to Internet.

If SUCCESS: Repeat Steps after PC Command Line on other PCs.


At the prompt (c:…..>) enter: ipconfig /all, press [ENTER]

Ensure DHCP Enabled == YES

If IP Address == OR to, connect Modem [wired] to Router [wired] to PC and perform ALL steps again.

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