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William asks…

what are some good poker games to play? prefabaily 7 card stud?

and how to play
games like
follow the 7
day and night baseball
got any good games?

admin answers:

Here two easily understood variations on seven card stud. High or low Chicago, the high or low spade in the hole wins half of the pot (split with best hand). Mexican sweat: all players leave their card face down. 1st player to the left of the dealer turn over his/her 1st card establishing what the other players have to better. Next player turns over his/her 1st card, if it is better than player one move to 3rd player if not keeping turning cards until establishing anew high card or a pair. This continues around the table until all cards are exposed and a winner is determined

Robert asks…

alex has a .49 chance of winning a poker game what is the probability that he will win 4 out of 5 games?

please help!

admin answers:

This is a case of the binomial distribution
n = number of „trials“ = 5
p = probability of „success“ in a single trial = .49
q = 1 – p = probability of „failure“ in a single trial = .51

the formula for k successes in n trials is
P[k] = nCk * p^k * q^(n-k)

P[4] = 5C4 * .49^4 * .51
= 0.147 or 14.7%

Jenny asks…

What books talk about card playing games likes poker & texas hold’em, how to play them and its strategies?

Plus how to shuffle, card tricks, and the like

admin answers:

The number one book out there for any poker game is Super System by Doyle Brunson. However it is a fairly expensive book. So I suggest you just check out full tilt instead it offers quick and simple lessons, a poker academy, a glossary of terms, and you play there for free. Http://

Thomas asks…

i play party poker play money tournaments and want to play in cash games, but is party poker the best site?

Party Poker seems to have alot of american players and alot of american freeroles, but is there any better sites?

admin answers:

Some important things you should know:

If you want to start from scratch and show you a little bit of everything and also get a bonus to play in great venues

Sign here:

And if you just want a good game of poker to pass the time on your computer and remove any you STRESSSS

Download GOVERNOR OF POKER, the best game of all including the WSOP

When and where to play freerolls (free tournaments)

At this address:

If you already have STACK (money in your account), you can choose to tournaments with entry costs, but higher awards GUARANTEED!

At this address:

If you want to see statistics of your opponents and you see yourself as others, to avoid SHARK a tournament or SNG

Look here:

If you want a book to read E-BOOK of the most famous poker players like Doyle Brunson of SuperSystem, Books 1,2,3 by Dan Harrington, Poker Strategies by David Sklansky

Download it from here:

This has taken me nearly 5 months to find it and I hope they can use to me, and lots of it.


Sharon asks…

are there any legal poker games I can play in in skegness?

ie cash games or tournaments.

admin answers:

I don’t know more about land based casinos having poker games. So I just google out for your result and here was the result . But if you are looking for online casinos then I have a good list of online casinos for UK and you can refer them. Here is the list. Have Fun… 🙂

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