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John asks…

Why don’t poker bots work?

I know that poker bots don’t work the way they’re advertised and are a waste of money. But it seems to me that all the things you use to „read“ an online opponent such as position, pause time, and betting patterns can be easily analyzed with software. Throw in the odds calculation ability and IN THEORY you should be able to program the right moves to make in a cash game. Based on what an opponent has done in the past, where they’re at, what cards you’re holding, relative chip sizes, and what cards are shown it shouldn’t be too terribly hard. And computers don’t miss anything. Everyone says the key to winning online is to pay attention to what your opponent is doing and what they’ve done in the past. A bot could analyze that data down to the microsecond level, and make the mathematically advantageous decision every time. Yet they don’t work. Why not?

admin answers:

The problem with poker bots that are programmed properly is that even though poker bots could read opponents and calculate odds (most bots do calculate odds), a human can fool them.

Bots are always going to make decisions based on hard maths and other factors, which don’t take into account the variability of the human mind. A human can think incorrectly which leads the bot to make incorrect decisions as the hand progresses.

For the last reason: Bots are only as good as their programmers are. If a bot programmer does not know how to play a situation perfectly (not any poker player can make a perfect move every time), the bot can’t either. A bot can’t make decisions based on it’s own knowledge, since it doesn’t have any, and you can never program anything to base decisions on possibly incorrect ones.

Jenny asks…

Is Poker Stars the best gambling poker website?

I play Full Tilt poker for recreation poker, I’m getting a lot better and this week I’m going to start playing for cash. I have some problems with Full Tilt’s software, it seems like the odds of a King Ace suited winning is about the same as a 9 7 off. I have played a ton of Full Tilt and i don’t think i trust the software enough to put money on the line. Does Poker Stars have a more realistic/better cash gambling system?

admin answers:

I think you are being a bit paranoid but I can understand that you may feel like the sites are rigged at times, but Im afraid that is why there is a term in poker called ‚Variance‘ which explains why sometimes 79 will beat AK all in and why AA will get cracked by a lower pocket pair when allin preflop 1 out of 5 times on average.

All you can hope for is to still get called by players with 79 allin preflop when you do have AK and you will win in the long run. Just keep the faith.

These are my list of most trusted websites. This is based on who owns the companies and how trusted their security and their financial robustness and transparency of operations.

Party Poker – Publicly listed company
Betfair – about to be publicly listed and the biggest betting exchange in the world
Eurobet – Owned by Gala Coral Casinos and bookmakers, 17000 employees
Poker Stars – Biggest site in the World
Full Tilt – Second biggest site in the world

I hope the above helps.

Paul asks…

Do poker sites cheat to win hundreds of extra millions of dollars?

first hand in a 100+ entries tourney
2.20$ buy in

sure is exciting with flush winning so often online
count the flops with 3 suited and the boards with 3 suited

it is way more than odds – very odd odds online

of course if there are robots in the software
the robot will be programed to know when
it will win or when it will lose

easier to cheat online poker
than mr made-off’s ponzi scheme
hand 1- 339104-1
2LUCKY4U1 is the Dealer
Shuffling Cards339104-1
2LUCKY4U1 is the Dealer
Shuffling Cards
terrygo Posted Small Blind 10
bimbox Posted Big Blind 20
Dealing Cards
You Were Dealt (As, 9h)
MrMatt2u Calls 20
HotHoneyPott Calls 20
Dealing Flop (3s,9d,3d)
terrygo All In
MrMatt2u All In
Dealing Turn (4h)
Dealing River (4d)
terrygo Shows (As, 9h)
MrMatt2u Shows (8d, Ad)
MrMatt2u Wins 3,120 from Pot 1

admin answers:

Wouldn’t surprise me-60 minutes,i think just did an expose‘ on how someone working for one of the online casinos won over 20 million dollars-Hacked the system in order to see the other players‘ hands.The police didn’t catch him-Other poker players did.

Thomas asks…

Do you think I can get a job at the post office with this job history?

Before college and during college I had some odd jobs but I never had a long term job.

After I graduated from college (UW-Madison) with a bachelors degree in computer science, I got a job as a software developer. I worked for 4 months and than I quit. I lived off the money I had for about 1 year. Than I moved home with my parents for the last 3 years. Since moving I have played poker online (I tryed to become a professional poker player). I have made a little money from playing poker but I have not been working in the last 4 years. I had one job working with computers but it was temporary.

I am looking at both city carrier and rural carriers positions with usps. My communication and people skills aren’t the best since I am shy and introverted. But I am intelligent and I am confident that I can score high on the tests. So do you think I have a reasonable chance to pass the interview if I score well on the exam or am I wasting my time?

admin answers:

For a City Carrier position you take a postal exam. Your work references have no bearing, they may not even ask for them. It is not like interviewing for a private job. You do need to have a good driving record, drug test & criminal background/fingerprint check. You also will have to take a driving test in a right drive postal vehicle called an LLV. When I took it, I had to drive backwards through tall orange poles weaving back & forth through them (so that you understand how to use the mirrors).
Rural carrier positions are more based on the interview. As the local postmaster has the final say. (City carriers, you usually apply through the human resource center.)

Go to & click „jobs“, then click „mail processing jobs“. Good Luck!

Joseph asks…

Is there a good free Texas Hold-em simulator that makes you a better player?

Or software program? I would like one that shows you how to play and helps with odds. Today, I came in 3rd. in a tourney. I was down to about $5,000 in chips everyone had me about doubled.

I had an Ace Queen unsuited and went all in. I was called by an Ace three. The river card was a three and I was out. Blinds were $1,000 and $500. They were coming around pretty fast with only three players. I think I would do the same thing all over again if I had those cards. Right or wrong play?

So, I would like something to download from the internet without opening a bank account with a poker site.


admin answers:

This is a Texas hold-‚em poker simulation with smart computer opponents and nice graphics

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