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Sandra asks…

Is it ok to ask the dealer at a poker table how much is in the pot?

I play a lot of internet poker, but very little live. I’m going to Vegas next month, and I don’t want to make a faux pas by asking how much is in a current pot I’m playing if that’s not acceptable or allowed. When calculating pot odds the size of the pot is essential. Thanks

admin answers:

Depends on the table limit. If your in a 2/4 game, and the pot is $40 dollars, your in deep water. If your playing 25/50, that’s another matter. Depending on how your tipping also factors in. Lastly, dealers know the game, depending on the point in which you ask, and the size of your stack vs. Whom your asking against, they’ll know.

Betty asks…

me and a couple friends with laptops at same poker table online?

if i have 2 friends with me. im on a landline internet connection and they are on wireless could we be at the same table? im sure people have tried it but it seems like it could be profitable. sit at a 6 person table, we have 3 of us…i like the odds. so will there be a problem

admin answers:

Best you could hope for is joining the same sit-n-go single-table game. Might get away with it a few times, but records are kept and chances are they’ll notice the pattern eventually. Won’t work in multi-table tournaments at all, since seating is done randomly (unless you all progress to the final tables…if you’re that good to begin with, why cheat?)

Daniel asks…

Can you team up with friends in online poker?

Is it possible to team up with friends and all play at the same table in while communicating over skype at an online poker table? This would increase the odds of your winning. How would this be regulated? Could you not get away with it as long as it was only done once in awhile?

admin answers:

This is collusion, a type of cheating in poker and if you are caught then legal actions can be taken against you.
If not caught then it could lead you benefits as two or more players are discussing their cards on the table. But still you are cheating in the poker game and spoiling the beauty of the game.

Some other cheating names in poker are:-

* Card Mechanic – A card cheater who specializes in sleight-of-hand manipulation of cards.

* Base or 2nd Dealer – Also called bottom dealer/second dealer is a cheat that specializes in Bottom/second dealing.

* Paper Player – A card cheater that exploits the use of marked cards.

* Hand Mucker – A card cheater who is an expert in switching cards.

* Machine player – A card cheater that uses mechanical holdouts.

* Crossroader – Traditionally, any kind of traveling hustler. Now the term is mainly use to describe cheaters who specialize in hitting casinos.

* triple f**ker – Describes how a player makes rude and loud noises to attract attention while he/she cheats.

Richard asks…

odds of Two People being dealt pocket aces, 6 handed Table?

Ok, tonight i was in a texas hold em poker tournament at a 6 handed table. Two people got pocket aces at the same time. What are the odds of that happening? I know being dealt pocket aces is 1/221 but what about the aforementioned scenario?

admin answers:

The odds of being dealt AA yourself:

4/52*3/51 = 1/221

The odds of ANY player having AA:

6/221 = 1/37

Odds of YOU and another player having AA:
1/221 * 5*(2/50*1/49) = 1/54145 <—-

Odds of any two players having AA:
6/221 * 5/1225 = 1/9024

Hope this helps…

Susan asks…

How do you calculate hand odds in your head for 2 cards combined in texas hold em?

I would like to know how to combine the odds of the turn and the river in one calculation. I need to know how to find out 2 card calculations while I’m sitting at the poker table.

admin answers:

Just take your number of outs and muliply them by 4 after the turn and 2 after the river. I learned that from a blog from clonie gowen on full tilt. They wont be exact within a few points, but that wont matter.

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