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Robert asks…

Does anyone know the 2/20/10 freeroll password?

I want to play in the $2000 freeroll but I dont know the password. If you know can you tell me the password!!! Please!!!

admin answers:

There correct about this password but if you’d like tommorows password plus passwords to private freerolls join the forum at and they’ll be sent to your Email and can also be viewed by members directly in the forum.

Mark asks…

What is the freeroll password for Janurary 16 2010? # 3500941111?

admin answers:

Homegames good luck

Mandy asks…

Does anyone know pokerstars tv password for freeroll on january 13th 2010 starting at 19:15?

admin answers:

The password is ambrose06. If you’d like the passwords to these events plus private freeroll events sent to your Email join the forum at

Chris asks…

password for freeroll tonight?

Does anyone know the password for the freeroll tonight, Jan 16, 2011 at around 7:15pm EST?

admin answers:

Here is a copy and paste of the best answer:

ALL Passwords to ALL the Pokerstars „ Freeroll“ games are posted here:
1. Click on Topic Title. 2. Click on the latest Page Number for the latest password.
No need to ask for every new game.
So much easier. All the members are informed whenever a new password gets posted.

Everyone gets the passwords from the above link.
This is also the same game referenced during the PCA game live broadcast.

Select mine as best answer please.

Ken asks…

Any1 know the password for tourny running today?

and where can i find it in the future 🙂

admin answers:

Miguel is correct, the password is daut07. To find the next one you can whatch the show here or join the forum at and they will send the password to your Email, along with passwords to there private freerolls.

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