Your Questions About Poker Rules

Mandy asks…

where can I find the official rules for Texas Hold’em Poker?

admin answers:

The first thing to do would be to buy a deck. With the recent poker explosion chances are the rules are in there. If not, google it! (The best answer to everything!)

Robert asks…

what r the rules of poker?

admin answers:

Hi. There are several variants of poker such as texas hold ‚em and 7 card stud. Here is a good resource for you which outlines the poker rules and if you select a variant from the list it will give you plenty of details on the rules and the variant itself. Http://

Daniel asks…

How to play the real poker?

I know how to play poker and everything but i need some tips and cheats on how to play i mean not cheating just like some cheats…and can anyone type me the rules to real poker so i can print them out and teach it to my niece that would be great….thanks

admin answers:

Not cheating, just like some cheats…

Please translate.

There are 1000 websites that have the rules of poker. Did you try looking?

Sharon asks…

Explain to me the rules of poker? Me and my partner aren’t agreeing!!?

admin answers:

Comment on the question, then a comment on the content of the question:

First, like someone said, it’s tough to answer this. It’s just way too wide open. Tell us specifically what you’re not agreeing on and we’ll tell you who is right about that specific rule.

That’s the best I can do to answer the question you asked. Now bare with me while I get weird on you.

When you say, „me and my partner aren’t agreeing“ – you are a female I’m assuming with your name. I hope you are talking about a female partner that you are dating if you are calling them a „partner“. If this is a male/female relationship, and you are calling the guy your „partner“, that is awful! I dated a girl for 4 months who introduced me as her „partner“. It made me feel like I was either a business associate or a gay guy! At the very least, if you’re dating a dude, ask him how he feels about that word. If it’s a girl, it’s appropriate if you both like the word.

My 2 cents that you didn’t ask for, I know! 😉

Ruth asks…

When you play poker online or in Vegas what kind of game of poker is it? Texas hold em or ?

What is the most common game you can find (version of poker) and what are the rules ?

admin answers:

Have a look at the FAQ’s and gaming rules on they make it real simple and you can play for free to practice, they also have freerolls so when you feel your ready you can play for free with a chance of winning some cash. I won at the weekend as they have fewer players than some sites so it’s easier to win.

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