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Susan asks…

What are the poker odds?

What are the odds that out of a standard 52 card deck that the first 18 cards have
1) A pair of cards?
2) A pair of suits?
Please show your math?
And if you choose….
What are the odds that the two matching cards are 9 apart?

admin answers:

I don’t understand. There are only 13 ranks, so out of 18 cards it is impossible for every card to be a different rank. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get a pair of two cards of the same rank. Similarly, there are only 4 suits, so you also guaranteed to get two cards of the same suit. Is this what you are asking, or do you have a different meaning when you say a pair of cards and a pair of suits?

Paul asks…

How to calculate poker odds?

Say I was 9s Qh, and my opponent had 2d Ac? What is my percentage of winning the hand pre-flop, after the flop, turn, and river?

Flop: 7s Kd 5c
Turn: 10c
River: 9h

I’ve been reading a lot around, but I would really appreciate if your can show your math and explain how to came up with your conclusion- thanks in advance.

I am guessing that 2d Ac is in favor preflop-
after the flop, Ac 2d is still ahead
after the turn: still ahead, but the Qh 9s picked up some outs with a straight
after the river: Qh 9s won, but in case i didn’t know what 2 cards they had??

admin answers:

PokerStove is a good program, but still I would recommend you to not use any of the program like pokerstove or any other. I agree that initially it will seem hard for you to memorize the game your moves and the next possible bet. But this is the only way you can learn to be a good poker player.

Mandy asks…

Poker Odds of getting aces?

They say you are dealt pocket aces once every 221 hands. I feel that I got cheated by another person heads up. I was wondering if someone had the equation of how to tell the odds of someone being dealt aces 6,8, and 10 times out of approximately 100 hands. Is this possible or do you think the guy pulled a fast one on me?

admin answers:

So you say 6, 8, AND 10 times out of 100 hands??? Let’s make sure I understand that statement clearly then.

To have done this 6, 8, AND 10 times, that means you must have played him 100 hands 3 separate times. One time through the 100 hands, he hit pocket aces 6 times. Then the next time you played 100 hands, he it pocket aces 8 times. Then yet again you played 100 hands, but this time he got pocket aces 10 times.

If that’s what you meant, then I’d be highly suspicious. Especially if he received the most of those pocket aces in a live game when he was the dealer. I’d say the likelihood that he cheated was very high.

If it was only 1 time through 100 hands, and he got pocket aces just 6 times, then that’s perfectly within reason.

Daniel asks…

Poker odds?? flushes?

which has better odds of getting a flush or are they the same odds?

1. I have ace king of hearts and two hearts come out on the flop.

2. i have an ace of hearts and a king of clubs. three hearts are flopped

admin answers:

Although the odds of getting a Flush are the same, you’re odds of winning the hand are higher in option one because with only 2 hearts on the board, it significantly reduces the possibility of a straight flush.

Likewise, Option 2 usually results in more payout if your opponent has a face card that is a Heart. Great situation to slow bet in, just watch his bets, as you don’t necessarily have the nuts even if you do have the flush. A lot of people play suited connectors.

Also.. Tyler is wrong, the 2-4 rule only works with smaller amounts of outs.. You have a 34% chance of hitting a flush after the flop and a 17% chance of hitting it after the turn

Joseph asks…

Do you really need to memorize odds and outs in poker?

admin answers:

No you don’t. In fact, you don’t ever have to think about „outs“ if you don’t want to. If you DO want to, you can always just figure that out on the fly. It’s not rocket science.

If you’re worried about whether or not you need to „memorize odds and outs“, I’d like to suggest that there is a lot more you need to worry about first.

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