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Ruth asks…

What Is A Good Way To Teach Yourself To Keep A Poker Face?

because im going to play in a town tournament and normally when i play i can keep a straight face BUT i want to be able to do it whenever i want to

admin answers:

A couple of tips:

What I do is remove all the emotion from my face and stare at one spot, you want to look the same way in all scenarios. Covering your mouth while resting on your hands will help you do this.

Try also to not blink lots, it may sound silly but it is important in big hands. Most of it comes from practice, and dealing with big hands over and over, you will have visible nerves to start with but that’s fine.

Another thing I don’t do is play with chips or cards when I am in a hand, it can be a give away.

Try not to do things differently in the way of betting, just to place your chips in the pot in the same way every time.

A good person to mimic is Chris „Jesus“ Ferguson he even internally times how far between each of his moves (the same for calling, raising and folding).

If you get right into it you can become a bit of a robot but this is fine because you only do it for short periods you can act normally most of the time.

I have a blog where you can read more info on this and other poker topics. Link below

George asks…

How good are you at making a poker face?

admin answers:

Not very. I have a very emotive face.

Carol asks…

What song is this? Poker Face + Alcohol…?

I heard a song on the radio the other day that took a bunch of current rap songs (including Poker Face, Blame It on the Alcohol, and possibly Love Comes Around) and spliced them together. However, it had a unique 1950s Chicago kind of feel to it. Anyone recognize this and know the artist and title?

admin answers:

Kanye west‘ kid cudi and lady gaga
its from kanye west
its called poker face
yea and lady gaga is like lalala or someething like that
its the new one
is that it???

Paul asks…

What does „bluffin with my muffin“ mean in the song Poker Face by Lady Gaga?

When I saw the music video the other day I saw that they censored that line. What’s so inappropriate about it? And don’t tell me that crap like, Oh I’ll tell you when you’re older or it’s really bad. If you’re not going to tell me, then don’t answer. Simple as that.

admin answers:

What she means by that line is that while she is having sex with a guy, she is fantasizing about a woman. So she’s fooling the guy into thinking that she’s into him when she’s really thinking about a woman.

Lizzie asks…

Anyone know where to get Lady Gaga’s Mask in the BEGINNING of music vid POKER FACE?

the sparkley diamond mask? it looks like it’s made of mirror pieces…but anyone know where to get that mask?
more specifically in the South shore area of Massachusetts?

admin answers:

Im sure you can find one similar try costume shops!! PARTY CITY, SUPPLIES STORE, ……..

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