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Sandra asks…

What is the best online casino for video poker players on the web?

Looking for a really good online casino that knows how to treat video poker players right and has a good selection of video poker games.

admin answers:

There are quite a few that know how to take care of video poker players. My favorites? Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune and High Noon are the best online casinos in my opinion. Read about some of the great online casinos and find the one that has the video poker games you are looking for here:

Good luck and have fun!

David asks…

What are the online casino websites that allow one to play real money poker in Australia?

I want to know the online casino websites that allow someone living in Australia to play real money poker i.e. to transfer real money to play poker. Please give me the names of poker websites that allow one to play real money poker in Australia. Thanx in advance.

admin answers:

The best website that accepts Australians and International is jackpot city which you can find at
There’s ton of various game you can play there

Laura asks…

How do you host a poker game where 25 people decided they wanted to come?

How do you host a poker game where 25 people decided they wanted to come? How should I split people up?

admin answers:

It will just depend on how many tables you have.
We’ve had 17 players and we just put 9 people on one table and 8 on the other.
If you’re in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and ever need any more players just let me know. I am looking for other places to play. We are the ones always hosting the games.

George asks…

Where can I find bad poker players listings?

I’ve been playing poker for about a year and I know that the most big winnings come from weak players. So I wonder if there is a source of such players nicks… May be some site or forum.
Any ideas?

admin answers:

You can find some individual ratings at Sharkscope. They give you 5 free lookups per day, then you have to pay up for the info.

As you play, check the ratings at sharkscope for the player, then create a note on the player at the site you are playing.

Over time you will develop a nice list of the fish on the site and can guide your play accordingly.

Good luck!

Carol asks…

What are some novels about poker or gambling in general?

Poker is one of my favorite things to do alongside gambling. I was wondering what are some novels I should read about either because reading is another hobby i love to do. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

This is a classic:

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