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Mandy asks…

What happen if you get caught on hosting house poker game in NSW?

My boyfriend and his friends thinking of hosting house poker games at our place.. I am just wondering whats the risk and if they get caught what are the charges?

admin answers:

If you get caught they make you eat all the poker chips. Make sure they use those tasty, chewy poker chips – not the hard ones.

Susan asks…

Other than strip poker, what card games have you altered to have it be more interesting?

We have done kiss/strip Black Jack, where there are two tables of 5 and 1 dealer. One table has females with a male dealer and the other table is vice versa. If the dealer wins over 3 of the 5 he/she kisses everyone he beat at the table for as long as he/she wants. If 3 of the 5 beat the dealer, he/she must remove an item of clothing. The action goes on at both tables until one of the dealers is naked. Than you switch dealers. The overall object is to have your gender win, but it sometime comes out a tie, 3-3. It is best with no couple, just 6 single men and six single women.

admin answers:

I played Strip Monopoly once.

Nancy asks…

Any poker games in Cleveland,Ohio?

I live in Parma,Ohio area and am tired of going to Detroit Casino to play poker,texas hold’em.Anyone knows any decent poker games happening in Cleveland or surrounding area?

admin answers:

They have charity events in the Flats a couple times a month. Mike Trivisanno (wtam 1100 am) is always talking about them.

Robert asks…

is there any poker games in chesterfield and what is th buy in?If not what good games are in sheff?

admin answers:

I dont know about that but you can try this website They give 50$ after a simple test.

Mark asks…

Is it gambling if you use poker chips in card games?

In my school, me and some friends were playing Texas Hold ‚em at our lunch table. The principal said to put it up or he would take it from us. We were using chips but we hadn’t put any money on the game and the chips would be returned at the end of the game, so, would that still be considered Gambling?

admin answers:

Yes it can be considered gambling your making a bet .. Even though no money is involved

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