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Paul asks…

why do Yahoo let the same people stop their poker games day after day after 1000’s of complaints?

Yahoo! Poker Decimated night after night year in year out…

admin answers:

Because they don’t gice a shite….

Thomas asks…

How many losers are there normally in strip poker game?

How many losers are there usually in a strip poker game? Are games usually:

A. Until one person is naked
B. Until everyone but one person is naked
C. Until everyone from one gender is naked
D. Other

admin answers:

Everyone’s a winner when you play strip poker. 😉

Ruth asks…

Poker card games for 3 people?

I usually play the same game over and over again with my best friends and we kinda got bored of it. Any other poker games to be played by 3 or 4 people?
Hope for each suggestion you can give a link to the rules or a video that explains it. Thanks

admin answers:

To play card games you will have to learn how to play them. And then practice the games for free. I will suggest you few sites where you can learn as well as play for free.

Practice various card games from the free play option (Just click on any casino of your choice and click on play, then choose the free options and not the money game).

Some articles to learn the Poker game

Article for how to play blackjack…

**But start playing after you are 18 – 21***

Steven asks…

How many games does it take in 1 lifetime to become a poker pro and make big money?

I have red 6 poker books and invested 3 mo total in hours into this game,not to mention the money i have lost and still I cant win a big pot! what are the odds if your a pro please do tell your secret.

admin answers:

Any good pro would tell you that they are still learning. Even Doyle. Which books did you read? Theory of Poker/hold’em by Sklansky, anything by Dan Harrington, Mike Caro or Super Systems.

There are so many factors to consider when thinking about your poker image and what kind of poker player you are. Bankroll is the most important factor. It dictates the level that you can play at and how committed you are to playing. The lower the level that you play at the worse the players. What I mean is the more likely someone will call your all in with a flush draw regardless of pot odds. The more likely they will rely on luck instead of skill and patience. If your playing online….STOP! You will never get a real sense of the game until its in its natural environment. Find a good 1 2 hold’em game and play tight but aggressive. Really just wait until you have a set or straight and bet heavy. Don’t limp in with anything less than suited connectors and don’t open raise with anything less than pocket J’s.

Keep reading. Keep a book on what your spending/winning. I spent thousands of dollars before I became consistent at a profit and its still a roller coaster ride of ups and downs no matter if you make the right choices or not.

Carol asks…

in poker, what games make up horse?

what poker games are played at the world series of poker in horse

admin answers:

HORSE is actually an acronym describing a combination of poker games:

H = Hold’em
O = Omaha high-low
R = Razz (Seven card stud low)
S = Stud (Seven card stud high)
E = Eight-or-better (Seven card stud high-low)

HORSE is played as one „round“ of each of its component games. It begins with limit hold’em, then limit Omaha high-low, razz (seven card stud low), seven card stud, and finally seven card stud high-low. When the seven-card stud high-low round is complete, the game goes back to limit hold’em, and so on.

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