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Nancy asks…

Are pot odds at all useful in online poker?

When playing online poker is it useful to use pot odds?

I’ve been playing poker palace on myspace for a while now and some of the hands that come up and don’t come up are outrageous. It seems to me that using pot odds on online poker is a waste of time.

At least when you’re playing in reality you know there is only 52 cards in play.

admin answers:

Pot odds are essential in poker. But if you are playing some kind of children’s poker on MySpace, then don’t expect a real game.

The poker I’ve seen on MySpace or Facebook is not real poker at all. I’ve no idea why anyone would play it, when you can go on a real site and play for free.

But pot odds, when compared with your drawing outs, will tell you if it is mathematically correct to call a bet. If you don’t keep a track of your outs, relative to your bet size, then you are asking for trouble, and you are going to consistently be making the wrong play mathematically. If you are going to be another player on the site, don’t be another fish.

Charles asks…

what is the complete algorithm for poker odds pre and post flop?

hi there, i am trying to write a program for my uni comp module on poker odds and i am having dificulity finding the algorithm for the odds of a hand wining pre and post frop, please if any of you would know the mathmatical algorithm(s) for this please let me know or link me to as site or someting that may have the answer as i am at a loss to find it so far! many thanks, Chris 🙂

admin answers:

Winning against what? I mean if I have AK, do you want the odds vs AQ, 27, or what? Against 1 player, or against several?

I think lots of programs do this by simulating thousands of possible hands and taking the overall percentage- it’s easier than storing a table of 52x52hands vs 51×50 other possible hands.

Mary asks…

Would it be leagle and/or profitable for big poker sites to adjust the odds of players hands?

Alot of players complain from poker sites adjustin odds so that less experinced players have better odds than those with a high ROI (rate of investment) or more experienced players. I’m wondering if there is a law preventing sites from doing that or if they did if it is even profitable considering how they collect money only from rakes and caps.

admin answers:

It wouldn’t be legal (the countries that host them however small would kick them out of they did such as Antigua, and the gambling commissions that vet their software would find out in a second), or profitable for them. The increase in rake they would get from „rigging“ the software would be pretty tiny, and it’d be nearly impossible to hide. High stakes players playing hundreds of thousands of hands running Pokertracker would notice very quickly that these sites were not legit.

The players that complain about the odds being adjusted generally don’t understand poker too well, they just think they do.

Joseph asks…

Does video poker have the best odds/the lowest house edge?

What has the best odds. I heard it was video poker because you have the most control.

admin answers:

Pdq took most of my answer. There are specific video poker machines that pay out over 100% when played correctly. Deuces Wild actually isn’t the only one, it’s just the most common. Quite a few machines payout 97% or better, and machines that are close to 99% can still sometimes have a positive return when comps are factored in. So any way you look at it, video poker is often the best game in the casino.

It is true that you can only expect to win about 5 bucks an hour playing perfectly, but compared to other games (especially slot machines), expecting a small win compared to consistent losses is still the best way for a casual gambler to play. And yes, you must play „almost“ perfectly to gain an advantage (doesn’t have to be exact to gain an advantage at Deuces Wild), but it’s not that hard. All you have to do it take the strategy sheet with you to the casino and be able to read it correctly. The hard part is playing FAST. Playing at a leisurely pace, that $5 an hour becomes 50 cents an hour.

And you do sort of have „control,“ but probably not how you’re thinking. You can play correctly and give yourself the best odds of winning, or you can play wrong and lose faster. The game has decisions, just like in blackjack, but the choices are always right or wrong.

Anyway, I recommend to any casual gambler to consider playing video poker as opposed to some other casino games, particularly slots.

Donald asks…

Looking for a GOOD Poker Odds Chart?

I’m looking for a really good Poker Odds chart that shows all the outs possible and is easy to read with a good explanation.. I want this char to have taped to my wall by my computer so I can refer to it quickly when playing.

If anyone has a suggested chart that is updated and good please let me know.

admin answers:

Use the brain chart….how many outs improve your hand multiplied by 3 on the turn….outs times 2 on the river….pretty simple huh!!

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