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Jenny asks…

Why do a lot of Asians win POKER games…when Asians are only a small portion ( %) of the US population?

US send geeks to deal with Asians = current mess

admin answers:

Because they’re inscrutable, of course.

David asks…

Anybody know of some good Poker games in Texas?

whats the buy-in, and how many people show up? I’m tired of waisting my time on little games.

admin answers:

If you think you can stand the action there is a 50/100 game in dallas that is run in a rental house with dealers brought in from shreveport/bossier city in louisanna ,the game is on the level and they comp „GIRLS“ to the regulars but do not expect a reasonable rake as this game is „CONNECTED“ and the buy in is steep to keep out the „RIFF RAFF“-lol!! My friend delt it one weekend and made 1200 bucks but did not sleep for about 40 hours either

Lisa asks…

What are the games offered in PKR poker?

What are the gaming options in PKR poker?

admin answers:

PKR poker online offers a huge variety of online games with the latest 3d technology. They offer popular games, such as Texas Holdem, Omaha and Omaha Hi /Lo with Limit, Pot Limit and No Limit. , Multi Table Tournaments, Heads Up Tournaments, Short Handed Multi Table Tournaments, Satellite Tournaments and Point Booster Tournaments. Daily PKR Poker free rolls are also offered.

Daniel asks…

Are in school blackjack and poker games illiegal, (in Australia)?

My friends and i may or may not run some games around the school which may or may not play for cash are these legal, and what about the teachers who play in them

admin answers:

Yes it is not on! Gambling is not allowed on school grounds by students or staff. If the card games are used in class to teach probability and have no money attached or are outside of class and have not money involved they may be OK but would still not be recommended. This would be a grey area and would be frowned upon in most schools. As a student you would get a suspension for gambling with money involved for this, as for the teachers involved with gambling and money this could be grounds for dismissal as it is breaching the code of conduct. So, at the least I would remove the money side of the card games to be safe.
I hope this helps.

Steven asks…

I live near Rockford, Il and I am looking for poker games, tournaments, etc.?

I know about Rockford charitable games, I am looking for others too. I will play any kind of poker.

admin answers:

You should be able to find a game here:

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