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William asks…

What style should you use in poker when there’s a lot of donkey players at your table?

I was playing in a home game tournament with about 7 people, no limit hold em. I’d say 4 of those players were pretty much donkeys. They’d call with any two cards, especially if they had a face card or an ace. Should I have approached the table aggressively or super tight?? I would get called with almost any amount I bet out, even if odds were completely in my favor and get busted because they get lucky with the board. What approach should one take with this kind of table?

admin answers:

Donkeys can sometimes be hard to play with. They will never fold to a bet, that most other good player would fold to. So with a loose table you should play a little bit on the tight side for sure. With a good player i don’t have to have a hand to win the pot, you can represent a hand, and if he or she is weak they will let it go and wait for a better spot. With a donkey you have to have a hand to be able to play against them, they won’t understand that they can’t beat many hands, and they will call all the way with junk. Also they do sometimes have a hand and can take a big pot from you, that is the one advantage of playing so loose, they will get a ton of action because most players know that he or she is loose, but when the donkey picks up two kings and makes a bet, everyone still thinks about that Q-2 he was playing last hand. So just let them take the small pots, and then hit them with a big hand, and try to play for a big pot. Another thing you may want to do is re-raise the raiser if he is loose, most times he won’t have a hand, so a big re-raise is a good move to try from time to time with players like this. But whatever you do, don’t try and play like a donkey yourself in an effort just to bust him. This is the worst thing you can do, just play good solid poker and you will win out in the long run.

Paul asks…

Why not show the table your cards in Pai Gow poker?

It seems to me, that since you are only playing against the dealer, everybody should flip their cards up at the table. Seeing the other players‘ hands will let you know what the deal DOESN’T have and increase your odds of winning. Yet, nobody does that. Why?
I should add that any time I’ve played at a casino, I’ve been able to show my cards to my buddy and ask him for advice, or show them to the dealer. Anybody been stopped from showing their cards at a casino?

admin answers:

You’re obviously correct that it would increase your chances of winning. A hand that could be set in a balanced (agressive) way or in an imbalanced (drawish/defensive) way could be guaranteed the best possible chances if you knew what 11 cards were remaining for the dealer (7 in the hand + 4 burned cards on a full table in pai gow). The house rules for this game always include that a player must keep their cards concealed from other players for precisely the reasons you describe. I’m not sure why groups of players have never tried more advanced electronic systems to ‚beat‘ this game. Perhaps they have. The vulnerability is still more pronounced in the traditional pai gow ‚tile‘ game. Even so, veteran dealers and floor supervisors are trained to spot such inconsistent play- and regard it with suspicion. Sharing the information of who has what cards, either obviously or clandestinely, would certainly benefit the players- but only for the short time it would take them to be escorted to the front door by security.

Ken asks…

Poker pot odds help.?

I am an experienced poker player and thought i understood pot odds till a recent experience, on the turn there were 3 clubs on the board and i had the ace clubs. Now i thought about it before i called as there was £7.20 in the pot and it was £2 to call.

I figured my odds out at 20% which i thought meant i needed £10 in the pot as it was a 1 in 5 chance of hitting i put the other player on the king of clubs, the board was king high, and thought my implied odds were around 6:1 ( I was right and ended up felting him for another £10). However one of the players at the table explained i only needed 4:1 (£8) in the pot to have the right pot odds but i do not understand why as 20% is a 1 in 5 chance of winning so how come i don’t need 5:1 odds to win??

admin answers:

It is 4:1 since it is 80%:20%. It’s not what the percentage is in relation to 100%, its your percentage of winning the hand in relation to the percentage of losing the hand.

Basically 4:1 means you are to lose 4 times for every time you win once in that situation. So yes it is a 1 in 5 chance of winning but it means you’ll win every 1 time out of those 5 while you will lose the other 4 times.

Michael asks…

In poker if you have ak what are the odds of someone having?

AA OR KK? In a full table?

admin answers:

AK=Anna Kournikova, looks good but loses a lot

Chris asks…

POKER how do someone play multi-tables online at least 6 tables at a time? how would they concentrate?

do they use 2 screens? .also do anyone use a poker odds program?

admin answers:

Yes, many people do use 2 screens.Sorry dear I am not using that program, thanks

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