Your Questions About Betsey Johnson

Susan asks…

How can you tell the difference between a fake Betsey Johnson bag and a real one?

Just got a betsey johnson bag in the mail from can you tell if it’s fake? i have one i bought awhile ago from nordstroms and i compared the two…found some diffrences but might not be the same because it’s a diffrent style.

admin answers:

If it’s a current bag, go to Nordstrom or some place like that, bring your purse, and check out the exact same bag next to it. I once received an LV purse for Xmas that cost my boyfriend a pretty penny….everything looked legit down to the inside tags, key, metal markings…but I noticed the clasp stuck badly, which one wouldn’t expect on an $800 purse. However, the dead giveaway in my case was when one of the „stitched“ areas lifted a few weeks later revealing it had been glued on. Gently lift any stitched areas to see that they have been stitched and not glued on. Also, if this is a new purse and the price is more than around $20 cheaper than what you see in the stores, this is also a great indication. You can’t get a current $500 purse for $300. If it has a number on the inside, call Betsey Johnson and check the number to see if it matches the purse. Also, check the feedback of the seller on ebay. If this is a single, gently used purse they used to own, or they have a long, positive history in Betsey Johnson bags, you may be okay.

Linda asks…

where can i find pictures of inside a betsey johnson store?

i really love the style of the inside of a betsey johnson boutique, and i want it to be the inspiration for my apartment, so i looking for pictures.

i’ve searched flickr, and saved a bunch.

but have a feeling some blog out there has some pictures, and talks about how inspiring the space is.

any clue?

admin answers:


Richard asks…

Where can i ind the font Betsey Johnson uses on her Betseyville logo?

Im looking for the cursive font that is used on the Betseyville logo for the Betsey Johnson purses.

admin answers:

That’s actually her hand writing .

Joseph asks…

Is it common to find Betsey Johnson in Marshalls?

Is it common to find alot of betsey johnson or betseyville handbags in marshalls? And does every marshall’s have a „cube“?

admin answers:

I think it just depends on the season. In the Spring practically every handbag in the store is a Betsey Johnson/Betseyville bag. Other times, there aren’t as much.

Donna asks…

Where online can I find big markdowns on Betsey Johnson?

I love Betsey Johnson and would like to own some of her clothes. Sadly I can’t afford it. If anyone know a site with great markdowns please let me know.

admin answers:

If you live in Texas, California, or New York I would highly recommend going to one of the outlets (you can find the locations of the three on the website). Right now there are some great markdowns up to 75% off retail value! You can also check on the Betsey website under the sale link. Ebay is another good option but watch out for the replica dresses from Asia. Good luck!

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