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Charles asks…

How do you put money onto Poker Stars if you are a US citizen?

My Visa and Mastercard will not allow me to deposit funds. I heard if you buy a pre paid visa card you can deposit it into Poker Stars. Does anyone know if this is true.

admin answers:

Most banks won’t allow credit or debit cards to deposit to poker sites. There are still ways. You can’t use neteller anymore but you can use click2pay or other sites in which you register your bank account and directly deposit. Some sites will also let you write them a check to deposit.

Susan asks…

How much of being good at poker is down to experience?

I have been playing online poker on and off over the last year, I’ve probably deposited (and lost) about $150. I am defiantly improving but should I stick at it and try to improve with experience or just give up?

admin answers:

Poker is about learning from mistakes, being consistent and avoiding emotional play or tilt. Years of playing poker and a good head is required to become really good. Im a live player, i dont like playing people i cant see, its a different game. Stick with it and never bet more that you can afford and you will improve, google poker strategy and get some tips.

Linda asks…

What happens when you owe a poker company money?

Like online poker? I withdrew more money than I have and then lost it at the tables but the money didn’t come out of my checking account because it wasn’t there. Do they report you to a collections agency or you just can’t play until you pay them back?

admin answers:

It depends on where you are. And what the laws there permit.

If you are in the US, there is very little likelihood they will come after you even for large sums of money — legally. It doesn’t mean there will not be communications of some sort.

If you live where online poker is licensed and legal, they may well come after you legally — not for a gambling debt but for fraud or some related charge.

Your account will be frozen until you can clear things up, no matter how much or how little. No more playing.

Joseph asks…

How do you get entry into world series of poker?

We absolutely love playing poker online, how do you get entry to play in world series of poker? Is there someplace online where you can win an entry or is there a place to play to earn entry, prefer something that is freeroll or free to play. I am already on Mansion and FullTilt but i dont believer there is anything on there to earn entry to WSOP, please answer and help, would love experience.

admin answers:

Hard to find this stuff… Nobody seems to want to say. 10/14/06
„Harrah’s is changing the registration policies for the WSOP as a result of the new legislation that was signed into law by President Bush yesterday. Here is a quote from a letter written by Gary Thompson, director of communications for Harrah’s:

“While we’re still reviewing registration requirements, it’s likely we will accept third-party registrations from entities such as charitable and civic organizations and offline tribal and commercial casinos in the US and abroad with whom we have licensing agreements to conduct WSOP satellites, as well as entities for which we have sponsorship agreements that run contests for their customers. We will most likely not be accepting third-party registrations from other entities. We will, of course, continue to accept registrations from individuals.”

What does that mean? Well, for one thing the WSOP will shrink in numbers for the first time ever. Over half of this years 8773 players earned their seats through online satellites. People will no longer be able to do that. The number of people who have bought in directly has continued to rise and I expect that will still be the case. With no internet satellite winners, probably the level of skill will rise and perhaps we’ll start seeing more pros at the final table again.

Not all internet sites are going to stop offering satellites however. Full Tilt has announced that they’ll provide the winner with the cash value of the WSOP prize package so that the winner of their satellites can register themselves in the WSOP.

The time between now and the next WSOP will be a difficult time for the poker industry as the ramifications of this law are realized. It’s going to be an interesting year. Let’s hope the efforts of organizations such as the PPA and WTO are successful in getting this law reversed.“

If you are still unsure I recomend calling Harrah’s and asking them.
Oh.. And good luck… CP (small time plyr)

Lizzie asks…

How long is a quick game of poker from start to finish?

Hypothetically speaking. Three people, fast-paced — they know well how to play — but not cutthroat. A friendly game, not a tournament. Very low stakes, if that matters. (I don’t really know anything about poker, so I have no idea what matters, heh.)

admin answers:

A cash game can last as little or as long as the players like – if a player busts and re-buys, indefinitely. In a tournament-type game, would depend on initial number of chips and blind structure. In either case, if it’s no-limit, it’s possible the game could be over in as little as one hand.

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