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James asks…

How to incorporate poker with my mardi gras party?

I’m trying to have a poker mardi gras party where beads are involved in the poker game as well as anything else mardi gras inspired? Anyone ever pulled anything resembling this off?

admin answers:

Bets are in beads, doubloons, etc. When you are out it becomes strip poker Hope this is a mixed party. Take bets on who gets the King Cake baby. The one who gets it looses all clothes but can earn them back. The currency is how many throws you caught that day. Chicks always get more throws but rarely can play poker or drink much.

Daniel asks…

Is it reasonable for me to start doubting that poker is down to skill?

Ive been playing poker for a while now and the more I play the more im starting to believe its more down to luck then skill. Simple fact is you won’t win unless you get the hands some time or another. Im not a tight player either I do my fair share of bluffing. Suppose im starting to get turned off poker. Anyone able to convince me otherwise?

admin answers:

PDQ put it perfect, #1 your probably playing to many hands in the 1st place #2 then when you have good hands and don’t hit you continue to call or bet with obvious flushes or str8’s draws on the board and get beat. If I were to analyze poker I’d say it is probably 75-80 % skill and 20-25% luck. Sure you may lose some to a lucky hand by another, but if U continue to play the odds and do it right you will always win money and come out on top.

Chris asks…

What percentage of college students play poker?

Looking for the most up-to-date demographics on poker players, specifically college players. Both online and live stats.

admin answers:

Precisely 78.689 percent

Linda asks…

While government wages war on online poker, how many people without a pot to piss in bought lottery tickets?

Hmmm, this government jihad against online poker isn’t because government isn’t getting a cut or anything, is it? It’s just a coincidence that state-sponsored gambling gets a thumbs up when poor people buy lottery tickets while the kids go without new shoes, right?

admin answers:

As usual patches, you get right to the heart of the matter. I remember reading a bumper sticker a long time ago that read „Don’t steal, the government hates competition“. I think that kinda explains it. If you horn in on the government’s racket, then they are gonna squeeze you out.

I did hear that cheri reid is trying to get online gambling sanctioned as long as vegas controls it. I guess that is a ‚two fer‘. He can get his constituents all of the action and they can collect taxes for the grubberment. These guys never stop.

Carol asks…

How do I get the Cake poker Software to work on my computer?

I just got done downloading the Cake Poker software, and when it is prompted to run, nothing happens. I go through the entire setup and I get the message saying the soft ware has been downloaded. When I click on the icon on the desktop, it just says the computer can not find the file and is it ask me if I want to look for it myself. I click on the exe file again and it says does not exist. Any idea what I Can do to get this to work.

admin answers:

Go to add and remove program uninstall and than install it again. It will run. You can drop email and ask query here also:

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