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Lizzie asks…

What happens to the poker chips at the end of the day in the world series of poker?

What happens to the bags of poker chips at the end of each day in the wsop? Do they go in a safe? Stay at the tables?
And where do you go to get them the next day?

admin answers:

Poker chips are bagged and tagged with players name then stored safely in string room heavily guarded. Before packing them they count it. The next day morning the chips are delivered to your seat. Even if you are not there they are well guarded.

Ruth asks…

What is the standard size for a poker table in a casino. Please read details?

I want to practice dealing on a real casino poker table, what are the measurments of the tables? Also, what kind of cards do they use? Bridge sized?

admin answers:

There is no standard size for tables in poker. Almost all tables used for poker in casino play are 8 1/2 or 9 feet long.

Steven asks…

What is required to becoming a poker pro?

I am in my last year at school and will have to start looking for work. I am very good at poker and would love to make a career out of it. Is poker hard to make a career out of and what is required to do it?

admin answers:

To make a living playing poker you would need to put all your time into studying every part of the game
and understand the maths inside out and obviously play lots of poker
Then you have a chance

Mary asks…

How do you become a freelance poker dealer?

I have been working for over 2 years full time as professional poker dealer. I have also been doing a lot of supervising and running tournaments. I heard that I can become a freelance poker dealer and work tournaments such as WSOPs, WPTs and EPTs but how does it work. How do you get you license and get in touch with companies? Any help much appreciated!

admin answers:

Be one via learning how to shuffle or deal with cards…

Good luck!

Sandy asks…

What are good poker websites that I can win tangible items on for free?

Like ufcpoker

Every time I try to play they are undergoing maintenance and stuff like that. I play poker apps on my phone but I want to really improve my skills and win stuff at the same time too, any suggestions?

admin answers:

You can scavenge for loose change in parking lots and get enough money to buy your won prizes WAY, WAY faster than you’ll ever win them on-line.

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