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Lisa asks…

What is your favorite poker tell? A tell that has helped you consistently that others may overlook?

This question goes out to experienced poker players of any variation of the game. I’m looking for something a little deeper than „when a donk acts strong he’s bluffing“. Thanks!

admin answers:

Watch players as the bet comes around to them. Players with nothing hoping for a free card will watch the action intently hoping no one bets. Players that are going to raise will look away uninterested trying not to seem a threat to entice a bet. Contrary to what someone said above bluffers will usually not talk or do much of anything unless provoked bluffers tend to try and „hide“ the person babbling after a bet usually is trying to inspire suspicion and has a hand. Players who re-check thier hand after a a card falls are looking to see if that card helped them. So did not have a made hand before that card if that person was betting big before its likely he was bluffing. People who stare at their cards are mostly weak. Strong hands generally get neatly piled and protected. If his hand is unprotected its almost never a monster.

Ken asks…

Is it legal to hold a poker tournament in your own home or on university premises?

I just wondered, one of my societies is planning to hold a poker tournament, 2 rounds £5 buy in with a 2:1 split for first and second place, with about 20 players. Is it legal to do it in your own home, but more importantly, is it legal to do it on university premises? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

admin answers:

Yes, it’s legal to do this in your own home as long as the House isn’t making money from the tournament. In other words, if you took £1 from each player for yourself as profit, then that would be against the law.

Actually, I’m telling you the laws for my country. I really couldn’t say what the law is for your country, but it’s likely similar.

As for the University, well that’s up to the University. It may very well be legal, but it still might be against the rules of the University. There are many things that you can do on campus that will NOT get you arrested, but that still will get you thrown out of the University. It’s probably best to ask someone, unless your society really knows how to keep their mouths shut.

Richard asks…

What are the ways to get a free poker bankroll, no credit card required?

Could someone please list the available methods
If you list sites like pokersource etc I would appreciate your reccoemndations on what poker sites and offers to go for.
Thank you very much!

admin answers:

Http:// – no US players but you can get $50 for free on most of the major sites, as well as loads of strategy tips and forum support to make sure you can beat the lowest stakes very easily. You might still need to use your card to be able to withdraw money from a lot of the sites. I used pokerstars so have always just got a cheque instead.

Sandy asks…


Hello all,
I am 13 years old, and have been playing Texas Hold’em since I was 7. It started out with simply watching my father play online poker, but then I started too. Then my family would have „poker parties“ and I would constantly win. I still currently play poker, and would consider myself to be very good (not stemming from arrogance, simply experience). I had also played online poker for money until it was banned by the United States in the United States & Unites States regions. In my 6 years running, I have made over $3000 (online and offline). I was just looking for some collaborative peers… how long have you been playing poker (any kind) and how much have you made? When did you start? (P.S. roulette and billiards are also fun ;)~~ ) Thank you for your time!!

-Tyera (ZeppelinLover).

admin answers:

If what you’re saying is true then that’s awesome, it would mean you’re a child prodigy (and a female one at that which makes it even cooler). But I find it a bit hard to believe. However it’s not inconceivable, since there are chess prodigies and chess is an equally hard game. And you do write like someone older than 13 which is evidence you might be telling the truth.

If you can prove it to me (in PM, messenger or TeamViewer), I’d like to be your coach, lol. For free.

Me, I’ve been playing for 7 years, and currently I play full-time in Atlantic City. I also play on Bovada and online I specialize in heads-up matches. In a few years I might seek a career in mathematics or become a financial analyst. But poker will always be a passion of mine, and my improvement has not plateaued.

Helen asks…

How figure out how many 5-card poker hands can be dealt consisting of the following cards?

From a standard 52-card deck, how many 5-card poker hands can be dealt consisting of the following cards?

(a) Five clubs:
How many poker hands?

(b) Three kings and one pair:
How many poker hands?

admin answers:

B) 4C3*12*4C2 = 4*12*6 = 288

Also, to figure out A, the odds of picking five clubs. Odds start out as 13/52 * 12/51 * 11/50 * 10/49 * 9/48 = 0.198% = 99/500

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