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Jenny asks…

How to win poker against Lewis Shelton in red dead redemption?

Ive already beat this game, just looking to finish all the side missions. Im stuck on finishing the Waltons gang outfit. Says i have to eliminate all other players in a game of poker in armadillo. I eliminate everyone except for Lewis Shelton and he beats me every time. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Yes – ask this in the „Video Game“ section. Even though it’s about a poker game in this video game, it’s still a video game. Beating that character probably has very little to do with poker.

Mandy asks…

What is the best program to learn how to get better a video poker?

I’m looking to improve my play at video poker and I have read a couple of books but I have heard that there are programs out there that will help you learn and get better.

admin answers:

Jacks or Better is the most popular version of Video Poker in the market. Video poker is a type of casino game based on poker. Jacks or Better follows conventional poker rules concerning how hands are formed. You might have guessed it – You need a pair of Jacks or better to win in this videopoker game,

Every time you get a winning hand, you have the opportunity to bet your winnings in a Double Up game. The Double Up feature can be enabled by clicking Gamble. By clicking Collect you collect your winnings and go on to the next round.

Try it out for fun, and if you like it you can go to Betsson Casino and play for real. Betsson Casino also offers other versions of videopoker like Duces Wild, All American and Joker Wild. Enjoy!

Mary asks…

How can I play poker for real money on my iPhone or iPad?

I have been playing a lot of poker on Facebook and I want to try playing poker for real money. Where can I pay?

admin answers:

I am playing poker on my iPhone trough poker wizards. They offer good bonuses and you can see the different poker rooms that are compatible with iPhone and iPad.

James asks…

How does the blind structure affect your poker game?

In no-limit, when the blinds go up every 15-20 minutes I find my self going all more then I want to and being way to aggressive at times because are rapidly going up blinds. I find this to be more gambling then playing poker.

How do you play?
Some more info. Most tournaments live or online only give you between 1500 to 3000 chips and blinds starting off at 25/50
Edit: I am not asking you how to play but how do you play with the blind structures like this.
Just to be clear I am asking how do you approach this situation in your own way. Not asking for the best just wondering whatever one else does.

admin answers:

I myself play aggressive as i can at a table where not only the blinds go up very quickly and the structure is set up to play fast. These kind of tourneys should be played aggressively. I am more willing to push all in with a hand like 8-8’s, even when i know i am up against a hand like A-K. I live in Vegas and i try and play tourneys that are more suited to my style. The one at Cesar’s palace has 40 min rounds and they start you off with good chips. Or i play in tourneys around Vegas that are bigger buy-ins that offer better structure. The Orleans casino in July is having the Orleans open, and they start off with 1 hour rounds and a very good structure set-up. I always find that the more aggressive players do better in short tourneys then players who play on the tight side. Or you can also play in cash games where the blinds never go up at all, i play a lot of cash games and tourneys, and you will always have more of a shot of making money in a cash game, then you will in a tourney. Tourneys are such a crap shot, so don’t put much stock in these quick tourneys, just do what you can, but you may be playing to tight to win in these events. Good luck.

Betty asks…

Has Poker Stars figured been able to payout US citizens since their bank accounts were frozen in the states?

Poker Stars had their US banks accounts that handled payouts frozen recently. Has anyone in the States been able to cash out since then and if so how? Thanks!

admin answers:

Pokerstars did not actually have their accounts frozen. The accounts of some of the payroll companies they use to pay people were frozen. They’ve got plenty more.

I personally have cashed out several times since the big seizure thing. The first one took forever because it was right after all the stuff hit the fan, but since then it’s been business as usual.

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