Your Questions About Poker Face

Chris asks…

How can I apply to become a contestant on „Ant and Dec’s Poker Face“?

I have tried the phone number given on tv but all I get is the message „The number is unavailable“

admin answers:

You can download an application form from here-

Thomas asks…

Poll: How many of you can have a poker face?

Facial expression that is unpredictable no matter what stimulates you.

admin answers:

I play poker all the time, and i can tell you that the poker face is misleading. What really gives away what someone has is body language, not what they do with their face.

Linda asks…

im really needing to find out how to play poker face and paparazzi on piano?

i want to learn how to play pokerface and paparazzi by lady gaga on piano like she does. AND YOUTUBE ISNT WORKING!!!!! maybe i need notes or something idk

admin answers:

is your best friend right now

Donald asks…

where can i find cartman singing poker face to mp3 download?

checfked a few sites but they want email and cash, fuck that

admin answers:

Check out here
5o best websites to download free mp3 songs
go this page

William asks…

Is the song Poker Face really about gambling?

i mean the make a lot of references to gambling like „Russian Roulette is not the same without a gun“ Lady GaGa also makes other gambling references.

Is their a deeper meaning behind this song?

admin answers:

TOP CONTRIBUTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nice badge.
Yayz for you.

And I always thought it was about gambling. Lmao.

Huggggg. Congrats

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