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Charles asks…

Just recieved an email from PKR?

I have just got this email.
Dear Luke,
We hope you’ve been enjoying your experience on the world’s most advanced poker site. Every player who registers on PKR is entered into a weekly prize draw and the good news is that you are a winner this week!

You have won one ticket to the weekly $500 Premium Freeroll and two tickets to the daily $100 Premium Freeroll, so don’t miss out on your shot at free money!

To view the tickets in your account, log into PKR and click on ‚ACCOUNT‘, then chose ‚Tickets‘ from the drop down menu.

Best of luck,

Neil Wright
Cardroom Manager

First of all, is this good? And will i have to use some of my own real money of have i just got really lucky?

admin answers:

They are freeroll tournaments. Of course you don’t have to use money, that’s what a freeroll is.

If you didn’t know that, I’ll assume you aren’t likely to win anything in these tournaments, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

John asks…

Does American afraid of Socialism?

Does American afraid of Socialism?

Sorry, please forgive of me being retard, I might sound quite offensive too. sorry because i have never lived in U.S before.

Am I the only person feeling this way?

I live in Canada, as you know we watch many of your channels up north. From PBS to Fox News.

They talk about healthcare reform quite a bid, but many of speakers will turn faces into poker face once someone says “ Obama is doing socialism reform”, everybody looks so serious. like Hitler gotta attack Poland….

Do average American scare of socialism that much?

Don’t get it… after I watch Foxnews, I think I live in a soviet country now, as Canada has death camp…

admin answers:

Dude Canadians speak English also.

Sandy asks…

how can i stop my dog barking at every piece of music in the telly?

when we first got the dog, he didnt howl at anything, then slowly he has started getting worse and worse, he started off howling at „poker face – lady gaga“ and then other songs, and he doesnt like the john west tuna advert, he howls at the music on news at ten, and recently he has started howling at nearly every piece of music on the telly and radio, even if it isnt high pitched. i thought maybe it was hurting his ears but im wondering wether he is just doing it for attention now. its really annoying when trying to listen to something. how can i make him stop?
he is a jack russel lol

admin answers:

Put cotton wool in his ears or face the fact that he is a music lover who wants to sing1

Chris asks…

Lady GaGa Family; Which of these do you prefer?

Outfits, which is your favourite;
(The one below is SO HOT)

I love the second (hot) one and the last one. xP

Again Again or I Like It Rough?
Poker Face or Papparazi?
Beautiful Dirty Rich or Boys, Boys Boys?
Bad Romance or Just Dance?
Dance In The Dark or Brown Eyes?
Teeth or Wonderful?
Summer Boy or Dirty Ice – Cream?

admin answers:

Why thank you, im flattered. 🙂

I love this one:

I like :::
Again Again
Poker Face
Beautiful Dirty Rich, it was so fun making the vid!
Just Dance
Brown Eyes
Summer Boy

Joseph asks…

i was sexually assulted in hospital?

i was sexually abused in hospital while i was sedated with a spectulum and somthing els what was causing my body to judder i described them all to police had blood in my pants and mucus coming from my vagina ,
really bad burning inside vagina like someone holding a red hot poker inside me and lost alot of blood vaginally i had my period a 2 weeks before i went in there so nope it wasnt a period i was rushed to another hospital 4 days later were i nearlly lost my life had tests which showed markings to both my ovarys and for people who dont belive me im no sicko who would make storys up police have dna pants with blood mucus etc and medical records but wont do anything they questioned 3 of them but the main 2 they still havent questioned they said they can never get hold of them and they cant arrest them cause its not a street crime but they think its medical negulance so im with a no claims solicitor now i wont let them get away with this ill go jermary kyle news papers everything looking on comp im not the first this has happened to so more might come forward if i go on the jeramy kyle or go to newspapers ,
this has affected me badly i cant sleep i am on really strong sleeping tablets have flash backs nightmares and cry a;ll the time they might has well have finished me of that day
sorry if my spellings etc are not any good i just came on to warn others not to be critized i already know im thick if anyone can help with the sexual abuse i have had inflicted on me please email me many thanks lisa xx
i went in for a vain operation ,
i was put on a gynocolgy ward i just thought thats were vain operations was done
and the operation was on the lower half of my legs. i had my pants on they took them of there was no need for them to take my pants of he put a spectulum in me while grinning and the other man was standing at the bottom of the bed laughing with his hand up his mouth the two women who was standing there just looked scared but did nothing to help why i was being sedated he asked when my last period was this was before they sexually assulted me i told him 2 weeks ago which i would have been overlating i think they were illigally taking my eggs i couldnt move the bed i was on split in half so my legs were separated i basically was positioned like a puppet and humiliated they seen me looking at them the men just laughed then the man behind me said thats enough i felt my hand move an i was out for the count in 5 min i think thats when he gave me the general

admin answers:

I agree. And are you sure it was sexual assault? Because if they did anything to you while they were in your care, so long as they weren’t groping you or trying to put things into you with sexual intent, it’s not sexual assault. It’s simply the hospital doing what they must to take care of you.

And I agree with whoever you talked to – It sounds more like medical negligence. You probably got some sort of infection from whatever they did to you. If you have suffered that greatly and want something done, you should sue the hospital for malpractise. You can do this by contacting a lawyer and explaining what happened, they will then tell you your options.

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