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Ruth asks…

Does anyone have a different card game i can play when i play poker?

I play poker for ten dollars every 2 weeks and we play the same games. 5 card stud, 5 card draw, texas Hold em, 2 down for seven with one eyes for wilds, spin the ocean, chase the ace and omaha. Does any one have any other games that would be good to play as a poker game?

admin answers:

I play allot of Kansas City Lowball:

Seven Card Stud is great to but I’m sure you know of it.

Also, this is not poker but I sometimes play Blackjack with a revolving dealer, you’re money will be depleted fast though if there’s any card counters so be careful, as single deck Blackjack is death to the house.

Mary asks…

while the mostrosity may have brought this town fame they say it was a poker games winner that determined the?

while the mostrosity may have brought this town fame they say it was a poker games winner that determined the towns name

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William asks…

How many different games of poker are there?

admin answers:

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Lisa asks…

Why are Asians soooooo good at poker… & won sooo many Poker games when they r only a very small % of the US?

Is it a good idea for the US government to send geeks to deal with the Masters of Asians in China and Japan?

me Asian long time

admin answers:

You need to get a life and quit going to the casinos…you will always lose in the long run!

David asks…

are there any casinos near atlanta that offer table poker games (like hold em)?

i know there are casinos in biloxi and cherokee, NC, but biloxi is a bit far and i hear cherokee is only video games. i’ve read about some casinos in alabama (such as quincy’s 777) but does anyone know if they offer poker games?

admin answers:

Georgia casinos consist of two cruise ships. One of the cruise ships docks in Savannah and the other in Brunswick. These Georgia casino boats sail three miles into International waters where casino gambling is legal. Georgia casino cruises are available during the day with some cruise lines offering an evening cruise. Aside from the casinos, the state of Georgia has a lottery and several poker/card clubs for those looking to try their luck.

The Millionaire’s Casino Boat is located in Savannah. This casino boat has everything to make a day of gambling enjoyable. While in Savannah be sure to visit one of the visitor centers to make sure you don’t miss any of Savannah’s most popular destinations. Lighting the way into the Savannah River for mariners for over 250 years, one must-see spot is the Tybee Lighthouse. From jazz clubs to piano bars, a night out on the town holds many options for all to enjoy.

Located in Brunswick is the other casino ship, the Emerald Princess Casino. The Emerald Princess offers both evening and day time cruises.

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