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Donald asks…

when i open yahoo games poker,i can’t click on my choice of a room,without getting ,error on me plz

in the past few days,i am having trouble clicking on a choice of rooms in the yahoo poker game/hold em.i have gone thru my bookmarks,my favorites,my home page,and often get error on,i can’t get into any room at all.i’ve been playing daily for approximately 1 month,and continuously have encountered problems.please help this computer novice with a simple easy to fix solution.i also have seen,during appelet loading,the word instantiated.plzzzzzz help me today.

admin answers:

You have alot of work to do……click the links below and follow the prompts

When yahoo updates you must update as well

there are 2 choices of Java you can use…….Sun Java and Virtual Machine….some prefer the sun java
but the Virtual Machine works better for games and you do need Java to play in games, ( without it you won’t get in and you won’t stay in games)

Update…….Make sure you pop up blocker is off (top of your browser in tools)and once in the lounge click „options“ bottom left of lounge and choose the small tables option…… — If you cant log into chat/games it is because Yahoo’s browser has issues with SUN java as default, the coffee cup sux… The Virtual Machine Java works better with yahoo. Yahoo is Java dependant.
This is also the reason for the games applets not loading and some web cam issues. The easiest fix is to update , make sure all your WINDOWS are updated
Click this link … …
And choose what is your best option.

N.B. It is unwise to use Sun Java and Virtual machine together, this may cause conflicts

and clean up after yourself>

read on if you still cannot get in

Right click your explorer icon on your desktop……click properties..then the general tab (top left) the temporary internet files section (middle), choose view objects…see all Yahoo downloaded programme files?
If any are damaged, right click them and delete them..they reload each time you logg into games..right click Yahoo spades and choose update, or bite the bullit and delete it…….it reloads each time you logg in

Chris asks…

simple poker games to play among friends?

my friends and i play cards twice a week, we usually play“ ramoli“ but sometimes we play what we call“ dollar games“ like“ pass the ace“, „bang“, „scat“ anyboby know any other games like these?

admin answers:

There’s a simple poker game called „Hold ‚em“ that is gaining some popularity. You should learn it.

Sandy asks…

How can you delete poker games from my facebook account?

same as above

admin answers:

This guide will show you how to remove an application on Facebook:

Good luck!

Sharon asks…

What is you record of most Heads Up Games consecutivley won in Poker?

I have won 16 straight before, and 14 straight another time, and 12 straight another time also. I feel like I am the greatest heads up player in the world. How many have you guys won in a row?

admin answers:

I really haven’t kept track although I do enjoy heads up. There’s a lot of money to be made at this if you’re good. This is one area of poker though where the competition does tend to get notably stronger as you move up the levels. You don’t ever want to get too overconfident though as you don’t want to ever stop looking to improve. If you keep at it and keep improving perhaps you will work yourself up to the big games – 1K+. You won’t win 16 in a row at these but winning more than losing can put a lot of money in your pocket. Good luck.

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Steven asks…

Where can I find statistics on how much people typically lose in a poker game or various kinds of poker games?

admin answers:


You can’t actually because the numbers don’t exist but, while thinking about your question, I actually did come up with what I think is an interesting way to look at it…

Take a typical $4/$8 Hold’em game at your local casino or poker room. The house typically takes a $4 rake or drop out of the pot and the number of players at a full table is either nine or ten depending upon what part of the country you are in – let’s call it ten. The average dealer under the average conditions (conditions that can vary include whether or not a shuffle machine is used, player attentiveness and sobriety etc) will deal approximately 35 hands per hour.

35 hands per hour each costing the table $4 equals $140. If there are ten players, then the average loss is $14 per player per hour. Typically, 90% of all players are lifetime losers at the game so of course, they would have to lose more than their share in order for their to be winners but the average player expectation (which in a house game necessarily is a loss) can be calculated.

It should also be pointed out that the average brick and morter professional is trying to win between one and one and a half big bets per hour over time which, in a $4/$8 game amounts to $8-$12/hour. When the house is taking so much ($14 per player per hour on average) in relation to the stakes, it can easily become impossible (based on the relative skill of your opponents) to not be able to overcome this cost and win.

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