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Jenny asks…

what is the best site for online poker and sports betting?

Ive been out for a little while and there are all these new rules from the government so i dont know where to go to do this stuff and i want to play some poker and bet on some nfl and not get stiffed.

admin answers:

Here are a few of my favorite sports betting sites, and you can always get the more in-depth review at I use all of these sites myself, and gladly recommend my friends and family to them as well. These are the safest books to play at… :: ( Great for selection and ongoing bonuses! They have reload bonuses too, usually on every Tuesday and Thursday. They offer free bankwire payouts, which is absolutely unheard of!

5Dimes :: ( They have the lowest ‚juice‘ of any US friendly sports betting site. Their service is great, and their options are excellent. Visa and eCheck accepted

BetOnline :: ( Is the best site for bonuses and the easiest to deposit via any major credit card.

BookMaker :: ( They can be a challenge to complete a deposit (minimum $300 for bonus), but their lines are the earliest and limits the highest. The first ever offshore sportsbook and very stable. Bonus code: SRNET

BetIslands ( These guys have really made a huge splash. Their focus on being the best customer service book, and offering same day payouts without the hassles of sending photocopies of all of your personal info to get your money, have really been a hit with the US based sports bettors

You may also enjoy the free sports picks, betting tips, and other free information at Good luck!!

Richard asks…

How to play poker?

I don’t know the poker rules (online poker)

admin answers:

To give you the best possible answer to your question please read the following:

A hand of Texas Holdem starts with two players left of the dealer putting in the BLINDS-or forced bets. There is a SMALL BLIND and a BIG BLIND. The big blind is usually twice as much the small blind. The blinds are determined before the game begins.

The REASON for blinds is to encourage action. Once you get your feet wet you’ll see without blinds, players would just fold, fold, fold until they got pocket Aces or Kings (the two best possible hands).

The dealer position usually has a small round „button“ in front of him to signify positioning. Occasionally you’ll hear the phrase „on the button“…that’s the dealer position.

After two players put in their blinds, each player is dealt TWO CARDS face down. These are called „hole cards“. Here is an example of your „hole cards“:

Now, each player has the opportunity to CALL THE BLINDS, MAKE A RAISE, OR FOLD. The person to the immediate left (the action always moves clockwise)of the big blind is first to act. This player is known to be „under the gun“ or first position.

If no one raises the pot, the last person to act is the player who put in the big blind. He can either CHECK (and let the flop come out) or he can bet and start another round of betting. The big blind is the only position on the table to the „option“.

Now once everyone has either bet, raised or folded the pot is considered to be good. It is then time for the flop.

The dealer (according to official Texas Holdem rules) first „burns“ a card and then places three-cards face-UP on the center of the table:

Now another round of betting begins. For the rest of the hand (according to the official Texas Holdem rules), the action will start to the IMMEDIATE LEFT of the dealer and move clockwise…with the dealer acting last in any round of action.

Once the second round of betting is completed, the dealer burns another card and then places a FOURTH card on the table. This is commonly known as the „turn“ or „fourth street“. Once again, players are allowed to bet.

And then finally the dealer burns a third card and then places a fifth and final card on the „board“…this card is termed as „fifth street“ or the „river“.

A final round of betting begins. When the betting ends the player with the best „five“ cards (who hasn’t folded) wins the pot. Although there are seven cards in each persons hand (two hole cards and the five community cards), ONLY THE FIVE BEST are considered. This is especially important when no one can beat the board.

For an example, if the five cards on the board were all hearts, and two players left in the hand didn’t have a heart, the outcome would be a SPLIT POT. Both players would get 50% if the pot and the next hand would begin.

For more complete information on Texas Holdem the „cadillac of poker“ go to Learn To Win Holdem.

Read all the articles and if you want to play for fun you can download either Pokerstars, FullTilt Poker or Absolute and start putting into practice what you’ve learned. Good luck to you. It very easy

Laura asks…

what r the rules to play facebook texas hold em poker?!?

admin answers:

Same as any other texas hold em.

Helen asks…

Is there a program available to everyone that shows everyone’s lifetime earnings on a poker site?

Is there a program available to everyone that shows everyone’s lifetime earnings on a poker site?

If so, what are the names and is it against the rules to have the program?

Someone told me mine trying to say I was a donk for not making more and he was making more even though I’ve been playing for 2 weeks.

admin answers:

There are some sites out there. Some that have tournament stats. Others that just track SnG results

You can probably use google to find them.

Steven asks…

I want to play poker with you, only the rules will be „living and breathing“. How is this going to end?

There are those who believe the constitution is a living and breathing document. That is to say it changes as times change. More directly, the constitution means only what they say it means right now.

But since the constitution actually states the ‚rules‚ for this country, since it is really our instruction manual how could we count on anything if it is not set in stone? Does a contract or, a loan get subjective when it no longer suits your needs? How about when it no longer suits the bank’s needs.
KevinM: It contains ONE way to modify it. That is called an amendment. We have done it quite a few times, just not recently. You can not subtract from or alter the Constitution. You can only add to it.

admin answers:

Citing principles only angers them.

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