Your Questions About Baby Hair Color Calculator

Chris asks…

Does anybody know were i can find a website that can predict the likelihood of my baby’s hair color?

I am Pregnant and have found a fun calculator that gives the percentages of the liklihood of my babys hair colour, Doe’s anybody know where i can find a similar thing for hair colour?
I am Pregnant and have found a fun calculator that gives the percentages of the liklihood of my babys eye colour, Doe’s anybody know where i can find a similar thing for hair colour?
If anybody would like to know the site for the eye colour calc its…calculator.html
Let me know what you think

admin answers:

Try this website hope it works.

Lizzie asks…

What color are YOUR socks?

Is your hair short or long?
Smooth or crunchy?
Chorded or Chordless phone?
How many times can you spin?
What’s that stuff?
Are you right or left handed?
What music instruments do you play?
Are you baby Danilynn’s father?
Wouldn’t you like to have been? (know what I’m sayin?)
Are those real?
Do you really want to live forever young?
How awesome is Jimbo?
Do you own a graphing calculator?
What’s your favorite donut?
How do you do that voo doo that you do so well?
When you’re blue and you don’t know to go to where can you go where fashion sits?
Are you turning Japanese?
Is the future so bright that you gotta wear shades?
Do you always feel like somebody’s watching you?
Is it a nice day for a white wedding?
Are you deft with a sling?
Who killed the radio star?
Why don’t sheep shrink when it rains?
Do you like writing emails?
Will you write me one?
Would you ever take a bath in whipped cream?
Would you ever take a bath in Bailey’s Irish Cream?

admin answers:

My socks are black.

Ken asks…

POLL!!! Random poll with some really random questions? Hehe?

regular yogurt or whipped yogurt?
do you like to eat things like yogurt with a fork?
spongebob or patrick?
water or flavored water?
touch-screen cellphones or non touch?
bottled water or water in glass?
long hair or short hair?
what color braces did you have or having or want to have?
to read or not to read?
rock or rap?
calculator or paper?
what flavor yogurt do you like?? (srry i am eating yogurt at the moment haha)
lead pencils or wooden pencils?
glue stick or the other kind?
nature or indoors?
saturday or sunday?
school or no school?
gross or not gross?
speackers or headphones?
? or !
babies or puppies?
mugs or cups?
pictures or puzzles?
board games or video games?
runescape or youtube?
google or bing?
pencil or pen?
book or movie?
fun or no fun?
bye bye!
oh u dont have to answer them all 😛 i was bored..

admin answers:

water in a glass
lol purple, blue, clear, name it..
Meh read sometimes
more so rock, but i love rap
key lime
lol indoors, im not an outdoorsy girl except at the beach
no school
not gross
Puppies and babies lol
video games
…bye bye

Donna asks…

I need someone 50+ to fill this out for me please!!! I need to have this filled out for school in the morning!?

If someone could fill this out for me you’d be my hero!!! I need this done before school tomorrow or I’ll be in huge trouble. I had people that were going to help me with this but things didn’t work out. Plz plz plz help! Fill this out with your answers plz.

1. Television/ Home Entertainment:

A. How many television sets did your family own when you were in the eighth grade?

B. How many channels did your television set receive?

C. How much television on average did you or your family watch per week?

D. Do you remember when you or your family first owned a color television?

E. What did you notice most about the change from black and white to color?

F. Recall the first time you saw/used/owned a VDR player. (a DVD player?)

G. How did you watch movies before VCR rentals?

H. How did you generally listen to music?

I. Would you recall for me the first time you saw/used/owned a CD player? (an mp3 or iPod?)

J. Would you tell me about transistor radios and/or other portable music players?

K. Do you recall when televisions and radios used tubes? Can you explain these?

L. Do you recall reel to reel tape recorders? Did you use one? How did they work?

M. Would you describe the way movies were shown in school?

2. Computers

A. When you were in junior high, high school, or college how did you prepare final papers? (hand written, typed, etc.)

B. Do you recall computer punch-cards? What was their purpose?

C. Would you describe the first computers you saw/used/owned?

D. Please describe your first impressions of the internet.

E. How have computers changed the way you communicate with friends and relatives who live outside of the area?

F. Would you describe the first computer games you remember seeing. What did you think of them?

G. Do you recall your first calculator? How big was it? What functions did it perform?

H. Did you ever use a slide rule in school or at work? How did they work?

I. What are your feelings about today’s computers?

3. Medicine

A. Do you remember the first human heart transplant? Would you tell me what you remember about it?

B. Do you remember the first human test-tube baby? Would you tell me what you remember about it?

C. What childhood diseases did kids have when you were young, that most people my age are protected from?

D. What was polio and do you remember the first vaccines to prevent it?

4. Conveniences

A. When you were younger how did you dry and/or curl your hair? (If this is papa answering then what do you remember about your mother or sister’s hair routines?)

B. Would you recall for me the first time you saw/used/owned a microwave oven? What were your thoughts?

C. Would you discuss cooking and baking before the mixes and prepackaged foods we have today. (early cake mixes?)

D. When you were my age how did you make popcorn?

E. How many phones were in your home when you were my age? How were they dialed?

F. What was a party-line?

G. Would you describe making calls across the country or over seas when you were my age

H. Would you recall for me the first mobile phones? (car phones?)

I. How have cell phones changed communication?

J. Do you remember the first time you used an ATM?

K. How is banking different since ATMs have become common?

L. Discuss life before debit cards.

M. Before computerized cash registers, do you remember how clerks in the grocery store checked items out or processed credit cards?

N. Before Kinko’s and Xerox machines in most offices how did most people make multiple copies of documents?

O. Before pampers and other disposable diapers how did parents and babysitters keep babies clean and comfortable?

5. Other

A. When you were younger did you take pictures in black and white or color?

B. How long did it take to have your pictures developed?

C. Would you recall the first time you saw/used/owned and digital camera?

D. Do you remember man landing on the moon? What were you thinking and or feeling

E. Do you remember the first space shuttle landing? What were you thinking and or feeling?

F. Before shuttles how did astronauts return to earth?

G. Discuss you thoughts about cloning

H. Discuss your thoughts about genetically altered food crops or meat animals

I. Are there other things that used to seem like science fiction but are now common technologies? What?

J. What do you feel has been the most important technological advancement in your lifetime? Explain.

K. In what ways do you believe technology has changed our culture? Explain.

L. Is there anything else you would like to add?

admin answers:

I sent the answer in sections, via email, because I kept getting the error message that Yahoo! Answers was unavailable.

My son works at Yahoo! We’ll see if he can influence someone to fix this!

By the way, I was in 8th grade in 1963. What a great time it was!

Mandy asks…

Do these operation christmas child boxes sound sufficient?

I did two boxes both for 10-14 year old girls. I couldn’t fit all of what they probably need in there, but I tried to divide the stuff evenly so they both get a little of everything. Some things are better than others, but they all get a little of everything, and some good things and some cheaper things, so that makes it even. Also tell me if they would have to take anything out.

Box 1:
soft, hound dog beanie baby named sniffer (was mine and doesn’t have a tag, but it has only been sitting on my shelf for years and looks totally like new, you can’t tell it’s used other than it doesn’t have the little heart tag)
Sketch Pad store bought
Colored pencils store bought
2 loose pens, store bought
loose pencils, sharpeners, and erasers, store bought
mini sewing kit, store bought
beads, were in my drawer but look unopened (could be used to sew a design on something)
mini gift bag W/kitty (could be used to put little things in)
playing cards
faded glory sparkly butterfly necklace W/jeweled rings attached ($5 value, store bought)
warm, soft ladies red gloves (store bought w/tag)
1 pair small ladies socks (store bought w/tag)
hairbrush (store bought)
sparkly hair bands (store bought)
Kids toothbrush/toothpaste kit
lip smackers chapstick
mini bar soap (unused but from a hotel)
mini kleenex pack
2 bubblicious gum packs double bagged
8 loose tootsie pops double bagged

Box 2
miniature lined notepad
calculator (store bought, battery powered)
loose pencils, erasers, sharpeners
three loose pens
loose crayons (nearly totally unused and in a plastic bag)
gift bag W/ cute doggy on it
playing cards
rainbow slinky in box
stuffed doggy on key chain w/tag
plastic mini breyer horse (has been sitting on my shelf, but looks totally unused)
faded glory heart necklace ($4 value, store bought)
3 packs of bubblicious gum double bagged
4 loose tootsie pops double bagged
crest toothbrush
aim toothpaste
comb W/handle (is in there loose but is store bought and totally unused)
bar of dove soap in a tight plastic bag
minty floss
3 pairs of small ladies socks diff colors packed together
3 washcloths, store bought totally unused w/tag
mini kleenex pack
two mini chapsticks W/ unbroken seal
Well, they’re ladies sizes, just not a huge adult size, it would def fit the majority of 10-14 year olds, even if they have big feet for their age. Nevermind, I looked at the size and it says ladies 9-11, and 11 is pretty much as big as they make them; I just thought they looked small. I only have a calculator in one box and they suggested a solar calculator on their website (it was only a dollar) and the batteries last a long time so if they take it out, no big deal, but I doubt they would. I would never guess they would take it out, because it encourages learning and stuff but maybe ur right. Maybe I can ask someone at the church that is collecting them. Thanks for your advice, very helpful.

admin answers:

These boxes sound GREAT….and if there is something that needs to be taken out dont worry because I went to the factory where they actually go before being sent to kids and they go through all of the boxes and take out anything that doesnt need to be sent …..but just so they wont have to keep anything you pay for I think you should take out the battery powered calculator and probably exchange it for something else like a comb or wash cloth or shades…..and the socks shouldnt be a size small….what if they have big feet for their age….and if thats the case then they should have a large/ long pair of socks becausr they can always be folded down or pulled all the way up…its better to go too big than too small because if its too small there isnt a way to make it bigger but if its too big they can always make it fit or grow into it…….and maybe trade the calculator for a jump rope or hair ties in both boxes…..hope this helps

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