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Richard asks…

Why are some people incredibly good at poker when it seems to be a game of chance?

Poker seems to be alot about the luck of the draw, yet some people seem to always win, always getting the good hands. How do they do that?

admin answers:

Ok this question is easy to answer because i play 24/7, poker is about good decision making and knowing your odds. What i recommend is for you to try mixing up your game when playing no limit(sometimes call till the river and place a big bet making it look like a trap) and keep it the same (always betting the same amount for almost everything) when playing limit hod’em. Rarely bluff, and when you do bluff make sure you bluff mostly when a set possibility comes out on the river for example: A,8,2, flops you get raised a little call then comes J, you get raised again u just call then 2 on the river bet high and most likely they will think u have a set and fold. Try it, and like i always say,“ If you scared of money you make no money“. Good luck !

Ruth asks…

How long is a quick game of poker from start to finish?

Hypothetically speaking. Three people, fast-paced — they know well how to play — but not cutthroat. A friendly game, not a tournament. Very low stakes, if that matters. (I don’t really know anything about poker, so I have no idea what matters, heh.)

admin answers:

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George asks…

What Poker Programs let you create your own table and add friends?

What Poker Programs let you create your own table and add friends?

I just wanted to start some tables with friends, (play money). Pokerstars makes you pay for private tables so I’m kinda lost. Any suggestions?

admin answers:

Try Poker Star Home Games „“

Lisa asks…

How to transition from online to live poker?

I am a young player and look even younger. I played in the casino for the first time the other day and went to the poker room. When playing at the 1/2 NL HE table, i felt i was playing solid but the other players around me just didn’t respect my bets or my play because I looked so young. It felt impossible to bluff and my continuation bets seemed pointless. Any tips, advice, and help will be appreciated. Thank you!

admin answers:

It takes time and patience to go from on line poker to live poker in a casino.
The best tip I can give you is, when starting out play the tourneys in the casino first. Many casinos have relatively cheap buy-in tournaments that you can enter to get your feet wet. By doing that you are limiting your monies risked while making the transition. This will help take the pressure off you while you get a feel for the differences involved.
Hope this helps, best of luck at the tables!

Sharon asks…

How much has amateur poker grown in the last years?

I may be doing a short documentary on amateur poker and am wondering how fast it has grown and if anyone has any somewhat evidence somewhere of how its growing (example: how many bars/resturants in the country are having poker nights…). Im trying to focus on the amateur ‚home-grown‘ feel of people getting together to play the game.

admin answers:

If you look at Vegas you will see that a lot of casinos have been putting poker rooms back into there Establishments. Caesar palace took there poker room out over ten years ago because slots, and blackjack made more money for them, but now that poker is back they put it back in. And just look on t.v and you will see a bunch of shows that feature poker. 10 years ago if you said Phil Helmuth no one outside of the poker world would not know who he was, but now everyone knows who theses players are.

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