Your Questions About Pokerus Spread

James asks…

in pokemon diamond, can pokerus spread to anywhere (directly) in the party?

say i have some pokemon cured in the party (they can’t get the virus again!), one infected, and 2 uninfected. where do the pokemon need to be placed for them all to get infected?
…i know it can only get it once. i SAID that. i want to know if the pokemon has to be next to the infected pokemon to get infected…

admin answers:

In your party. Keep the infected and the uninfected in your party, and just battle any thing you can. You don’t even have to KO anything. After the battle, check your uninfected. There is a 1 in 3 chance the virus will spread.

Daniel asks…

Can A Traded Pokemon Spread PokeRus?

My friend traded me a pokemon with pokerus, but it doesn’t seem to contract to the other pokemon in the party with it. What am I doing wrong? I am battling.

admin answers:

It has got to be in your team, but it’ll take some time.

Michael asks…

how long does it take for pokerus to spread?

i have a couple of pokemon with it in the pc and when i keep it with my party it never spreads… please help
so what does it mean if the pokemon has a smiley face on the corner… will it spread then

admin answers:

The infected pokemon must have a purple rectangle „PKRS“ near it’s name. This means they can still infect other pokemon. The smiley face means they still retain the x2 EV gains, but cannot infect others.

To infect other pokemon, keep a freshly infected pokerus poke in your party. I find it helps to speed things up if you put the other pokemon you want to be infected at an adjacent position to the infected one. Battle a few times (trainer or wild poke battles work the same) and they will be infected usually within 1-5 minutes. I’ve also seen pokemon become instantly infected if you capture one and it goes into your party instead of the PC box.


Donald asks…

how to spread the pokerus disease amongst pokemon?

i got pokerus through a GTS trade and i want to give it to my other pokemon.

does anyone know how to go about doing that?

any help will be greatly appreciated.


admin answers:

Put it in your party, it will spread to the other pokemon in your party if you battle with the diseased one a lot. Do not keep it, cuz if it’s in your party for 24 hours or more, it goes away. Every few hours, put the diseased pokemon into the pc, run around a bit, then take it out of the pc. This will ensure that Pokerus does NOT go away.

Ken asks…

In pokemon diamond, what direction does pokerus spread?

i’ve read from a few places that pokerus spreads adjacently. is this true? if yea, what does that mean?

if the pokemon is in slot 3, does that mean:
– it can directly spread to slots 2 and 4 (numerically adjacent)?

– or just to slot 4 (to the side, next to it)?

– or to slot 1 (above), slot 4 (to the side), and slot 5 (below)?

– or, finally, to slots 2, 4, and 6, which are to the side?

slot1 – slot2
slot3 – slot4
slot5 – slot6

admin answers:

It is numerically adjacent

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