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Lisa asks…

Why is Kentucky against Poker but allow horse race betting?

They say that playing poker is gambling. That there is too much chance in it.
Well, why in the heck do they allow horse betting? Seems you have 0% chance to affect the outcome. Seems 100% chance.
At least Poker does have some skill, otherwise how can someone win tournaments more than 1 time.
I am confused by why they allow one and not the other?
Thanks for any clarification you all can provide.

admin answers:

Its not that KY is really against gambling. They are trying to protect Kentucky´s gambling interest by disallowing competition in kentucky(which in itself is illegal to do from KY)

The next step from them will be to formerly legalize it after they have setup their own online gambling websites or made a deal with a few gambling companies.

At the moment, Kentucky is not getting any money from offshore gambling companies and in this present economy, they need it and want it. So the best way to get some of that money is to first have a shake down to scare these companies and then make deals with them.

The underage gambling protection crap is really just a pretext. If a kid really wants to gamble, he´ll find a way whether it is regulated or not. When I was a kid in KY, I used to go to Paducah, KY with friends and go to the Bluegrass Downs to watch the horses race. Let me tell, you its easy to gamble on horses even if you are underage. Heck, I could just pick up tickets people had throw away that were actually winners and go to the cashier and get money for them.

Robert asks…

What is the best program to learn how to get better a video poker?

I’m looking to improve my play at video poker and I have read a couple of books but I have heard that there are programs out there that will help you learn and get better.

admin answers:

Try You’ll find lots of helpful information. You can play practice games, and it gives you advice along the way.

Susan asks…

How do you delete friends off facebook poker?

Would really help. I have someone on there that’s super annoying lately and want them gone!
I don’t know how to delete poker friends, thanks!

admin answers:

U cant delete them off poker but u can delete them off facebook blocking wont help

Joseph asks…

How can i store values for my poker game?

My prof didn’t taught us those things, she just gave the guidelines for the project, thanks anyway for your answers, I know it would really help my poker project.

admin answers:

You’re going to have to give us more information on this questions.

What do you mean by „store values“?

What kind of project is this?

Are you coding a poker game? Are you asking what values need to be put into memory, or are you asking how to do that?

Ken asks…

Is there a home version of the poker software used on TV that displays the pot size and players chips?

OnTV tournements they always have a display of the pot size and the number of chips in a players stack and I am trying to find a ‚home tourney version of this.

There are many poker clocks etc but not seen one with the facility

any ideas?


admin answers:

When poker tournaments are broadcast it is often several months after they occured. The raw footage is edited and hand information such as pot sizes and odds are added in later using betting information from reports of the hands from websites such as:

and odds are calculated using any of many poker odds calculators such as:

So there is not one program they use but rather edit in that information later using tools similiar to above.

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