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Laura asks…

once you know the basic rules, what are the key principals to stick to for winning at poker?

admin answers:

Know when to fold a losing hand. If someone has raised you pre flop but you have A-Q offsuit or something, make sure you A-Q is worth what your putting in the pot. I don’t know what others might tell you, but here are MY PERSONAL BASIC POKER PHILOSOPHIES:

– Never call OR go all in on a draw.

– Stealing the pot- make sure what your putting in the pot is worth it, someone might call you!!! It usually isn’t worth putting so much in to get so little back!

– Contrary to what you might think, Ace 9 is not that great of a hand.

– You can’t lose what you don’t put in the middle.

– Pot odds are useless if you don’t have the hand to win it.

– if you have any kind of doubt, fold it

– Playing a crappy hand because „it did me real good last time I played it!“ is not a good reason to play it again!

Those are MY rules. I don’t really care what other people think (which is also a good rule!) and I do pretty well. I mean, I’m not on ESPN or anything, but I take peoples chips all the time. Good luck.

Joseph asks…

PLEASE HELP- online poker winnings – earned income?

I need to know for IRA purposes . i know i have to pay taxes but is it „earned“ income or „unearned“ . wasnt there a supreme court case which ruled poker winnings as „earned“? I had heard about this. Please help. THank you.
yes but can i make an IRA contirubtion from this money on the „other income“ line? please help!

admin answers:

Yes it is earned income, the case went all the way to the highest courts when Billy Baxter said all income from poker should be earned income, and the courts agreed with him. I might also like to say about online poker, that he is dead wrong. Many sites still take u.s players, and i myself being one of them take money out of my online poker account all the time, and have no issue in doing so.

Linda asks…

How do you play poker? Definite 5 points for best answer.?

Can someone please explain the rules clearly about how to play poker. I really want to know how to play but have no idea! Don’t expect me to know what you are talking about so please explain it as easily as possible.

admin answers:

Explain it from scratch? Okay, wow, let me think here….

From Five Card Draw to Texas Hold ‚Em to Omaha to countless others, There are dozens of different types of poker. (Today, Texas Hold ‚Em is by far the most popular.) The different poker games all have minor variations in their rules, but the two things that unite all types of poker are betting and hand rank.

Poker is a gambling game, and in every form of poker, a winner is decided by who can bet the most effectively. Some good terms to know here are:

„Pot,“ the amount of money that will be awarded to the winning player at the end of the hand. (There are 20 dollars in the pot.)

„Bet,“ anytime a player adds money to the pot. (As in, „I bet five dollars“).

„Raise,“ whenever a player increases the amount required of other players („I raise to 10 dollars“).
Note: sometimes bet and raise can be used interchangeably.

„Call,“ whenever a player agrees to call a bet or a raise („I call your raise“).

„Check,“ when no money is required of a player and he/she chooses not to bet or raise. Think of checking as „passing.“ Saying „check“ or knocking twice on the table will signal to the dealer that you do not want to bet.

„Fold,“ when a player does not wish to continue in the hand, he or she can forfeit their hand to avoid paying any more money. To do this non verbally, wait until it is your turn act, then toss your cards towards the dealer, face down.

In practically all poker games, there are multiple chances to bet during each hand, but because those rules are so specific to each variant, I won’t go into further detail. Basically, all you really need to know about betting, is that in order to be eligible to win the pot, every player must contribute the same amount of money to the pot. The amount they must add is determined by whomever decides to bet the most.

If a player cannot match the bet of an opponent, then they’re allowed to put in however many chips they do have left, but that player cannot win any money that they can’t match penny for penny. (This is when side pots sometimes come into play, but that’s a more complicated topic.) Bottom line: The most you can ever win from a pot is the amount you put in, times the number of players that match your bets.

If a player chooses not to match the bet of an opponent, then they must fold and surrender their hopes for the pot.


The other defining characteristic of all poker games are the ranks of the hands. A full house will always beat three of a kind, no matter what variation you’re playing.

From worst to best, the complete list of poker hands are:

High Card — If you can make no better combination with your cards, your highest card is all that you’ll have to show for your hand.

Pair — If you have two 2s or two 4s or two Kings or two whatevers, then you have one pair.

Two Pair — If you have two 2s AND two 4s or two Kings AND two whatevers, then you have „two pair.“

Three of a Kind — If you have three 7s or three whatevers, then you have Three of a Kind, often called „trips“ for short.

Straight — If you have five cards that perfectly string together in value (like A, 2, 3, 4 and 5, or 10, J, Q, K and A) then you have a straight.

Flush — Flushes are the only hand that take your cards‘ suits into account. If you have five cards all of the same suit (like five spades), then you have a flush

Four of a Kind — If you’re lucky enough to be dealt all four cards of a certain value (like four 8s or 4 Queens) then you have Four of a Kind, often called „quads“ for short.

Straight Flush — And finally, the elusive straight flush…. If you have five cards that that string together in value to form a straight and that are all of the same suit, then you have a „straight flush,“ the best hand in poker. A „Royal Flush“ is the highest possible straight flush (10, J, Q, K and A, all of the same suit) and it cannot be beaten by any other hand.

To give you some sense of how rare the different hands are, here’s what a simple comparison test to go by when evaluating your hand: one pair is expected, two pair is good, three of a kinds and straights are very good and flushes or better are excellent. The better you think your hand is relative to your opponents‘, the more you bet.


Well, there you have it, those are the two basics of poker: betting and hand ranks! Honestly, everything else comes from experience, knowing your odds, and the ability to play with your opponents‘ heads.

If you would like me get more specific and explain the rules of Texas Hold ‚Em poker in great depth, since that’s the kind I’m guessing all your friends play, then please say the word and I’ll email my best explanation to you.

Chris asks…

i want to learn how to play poker. Have no experience whatsover. explain the rules please?

admin answers:

It depends on which version you want to learn. Wheather that be Texas Hold’em, stud or any other form. I suggest you find a copy of Hoyles poker to find more.

Ken asks…

rules of H.O.R.S.E poker?

So eight or better is it just stud high low or what?

admin answers:

Correct – high and low split the pot. Ideal strategy is to play for both the high and low to scoop the entire pot. In Super System they say to play „suited babies“. Low cards that are suited give you multiple draws for a high hand such as a straight or flush, and make the low as well. There will not always be a qualifying low hand, but there will always be a high. Your low must be 5 unpaired cards 8 or below.

EDIT: He was asking specifically about the Eight or better part for stud – he is correct about that.

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