Your Questions About Poker Face

Michael asks…

who is the artist of the screamo version of poker face?

there is a screamo version of that song and i dont know who its by, and i cant find it. if you know that would be amazing if you could tell me 😀
thanks for your help! <3

admin answers:

I don’t if it’s the „screamo“ version but Lady GaGa is the artist who performs Poker Face.

Mary asks…

What key is Poker Face by Lady Gaga in?

I want to autotune my voice to it.

admin answers:

Its in the key of B.

Steven asks…

Where can i find a black catsuit like Lady Ga Ga in the Poker Face video?

Its a one-shoulder pvc pipe catsuit.

admin answers:

It looks like it could be well shined latex. Take a look at some of the fetish latex fashion sites, they may do something similar.

James asks…

Will Lady Gaga ever go back to her „Poker Face“ style?

I still love her, but really liked her style, songs, and general idea when she released Poker Face. Do you think she will ever go back to that style?

admin answers:

Probably not, Gaga is always changing and evolving her styles.

Linda asks…

How good is your poker face?

I can keep a pretty good straight face.

admin answers:

Alll my friends hate the fact i can keep a straight face they can only tell by my eyes close up if i’m winding them up

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