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Richard asks…

My Zynga Poker Game Will not work on my computer?

i have zynga poker on facebook. I have farmville and other games that work but what it does when the actual page I can see everything but the center page. it sas that there is an error in the page, like ny internet is off line and that the page is not found crap. but its not! i tried it on another laptop exactly the same as mine and it wscoldsocouldu I have something switched on that is blocking it? HELP PLEASE! it is fun to play an it is irritating that I can’t!!!!!! thanks!

admin answers:

Try to clear your browser cache, or maybe try to play with another browser 🙂

Lisa asks…

How can my friend and i play live games like draughts or poker against each other over the internet.?

Can you do it through facebook. or is there an easier way.

admin answers:

Myspace now has a poker game..if you both have that..or id say dl of the best online poker sites, dont need to deposit real money unless you want to. Yous can play against one another for play chips or join tournaments with others as well

Maria asks…

Is it just me, or are Internet poker games fixed?

I’ve been playing poker for 22 years, but since I started playing online, I’ve seen hands that would take a lifetime to see normally, so I’m asking, are these systems skewed to certain players or their patterns? if not, how is it possible to see these amazing pots that you don’t normally see?
Thanks for all of the answers… maybe some got confused with the question, because I never asked about them being rigged, the main thrust of the question was about if certain patterns of play would attract better hands… but thanks to all anyway!

admin answers:

Online poker systems have been tested many times by independent firms. There have been no patterns in the systems.

You talk about playing live and then seeing hands that „would take a lifetime to see.“ You’d be surprised how much quicker a „lifetime“ comes in online poker compared to live. When you don’t have to shuffle, collect chips, wait for the guy who isn’t paying attention to muck his cards, gather discarded cards, etc. You can get many, many more hands in per hour. This is multiplied if you play more than 1 table. For example, playing 6 tables of online poker for 1 hour is equivalent to many more hours at a live game. You’re going to see many more crazy patterns, and you’ll see them in a shorter period of time, making it more unbelievable.

Say you have 6 tables of online poker at 60 hands/hour/table. This would be 360 hands/hour, which, as mentioned before, is many hours of live sessions. If you suffer five really bad beats in the hour, you throw your hands up and say „that’s not possible, it’s rigged.“ If the same happens with your friends at your home game, it may span 4 or 5 sessions and you say „I’ve been getting so unlucky against you guys,“ but you probably don’t figure that you’re getting cheated.

More importantly, why would a site rig it against you? I mean, if you lose, someone else is winning the money. Theoretically, if they moved money from the best players to the worst players they would be able to keep the bad players playing longer, and thus generate more rake. But look at yourself and ask yourself „Am I THAT good? Would it be worth it for them to risk their business and reputation to screw ME out of my money?“ They would be finished if it came out that they did this. It’s simply not worth it to them.

Basically, there’s no evidence and no motive. We selectively remember our runs where we lose 5 straight 80/20 favorites than the ones where we win 20 straight 80/20 favorites. Streaks happen in poker. It doesn’t mean it’s fixed.

EDIT: And to Bpal’s point, why would they do this to you? („Only“ give you AA when you’re in the big blind and everyone folds.) They make more money when they generate more rake. With the claim that they „always“ give AA against KK and so forth, at least the conspiracy theorists can say that they’d generate more rake that way. Your claim would not just screw you over, but it would also screw over the poker site.

Ruth asks…

I was just thinking, are home poker games technically illegal?

like gambling at home especially if the people are under 21? just wondering, like I know obviously it would never be enforced if it was technically illegal but I was just thinking and curious

admin answers:

It’s true that as a general rule it’s only illegal if the house benefits which can include a rake or fee or may include other benefits. Basically if you’re selling anything at the game you’re standing to benefit from the poker. Now I don’t want to say this is true in all jurisdictions, for instance if you live in Tehran and you’ve got a money game going on and the Ayatollah happens to drop by you might be in a little trouble there. However in most places it’s cool if there isn’t any rake or fee.

King Cobra Poker

Linda asks…

Anyone know of any underground poker games in the Hamptons?

admin answers:

You should be able to find a game here:

Take care

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