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David asks…

What does San Diego County have against Christians?

I heard on the news that county officials broke up a home bible study at some pastor’s house and theyquestioned the participants with questions such as, „Did anyone say praise the Lord?“ Did anyone say ‚Amen“?

I mean, I began my 9 years in the Marine Corps in boot camp there. I took my infantry training at Camp Pendleton. I visited the San Diego Zoo, among the best, and I got to see Nat King Cole in an arena there before he died. I like how San Diego treats the military unlike their northern relatives in San Francisco that hates us.

Couldn’t these officials have found a tupperware party, a poker game perhaps, maybe an illegal bingo game? Sounds like a goon squad mentality to me and Obama has a powerful goon, Rahm Emanuel so I quess we need to expect more of this around the country.

admin answers:

Oh, good grief, the lies about that story have gotten really out of hand. Those who need to see persecution everywhere are not above inventing some.

The fact is that neighbors complained about a Bible study meeting that was happening in their neighborhood on the grounds that all the parked cars were making it difficult for people to get to their houses. The county has a regulation stating that anyone who hosts a regular group meeting needs to get a permit from the county. It doesn’t matter what kind of group it is – a book group, a knitting club, a political meeting – any regular group meeting requires a permit so the parking issues can be addressed. The pastor apparently felt that since they were studying the Bible they should be exempt from the laws that everyone else follows and didn’t get a permit. When a neighbor complained, the county checked to see if the pastor had a permit for the meeting, found that he didn’t, and told him he could hold the meeting without the permit. That’s all.

Lisa asks…

Should I look further into this casino school?

So I’d really like to be a poker dealer. This school:

It seems like a good deal. $1200 gets you the schooling, 10 nights at a hotel, transportation to/from airport and school. I’m particularly interested in the campus in Phoenix. I’ve been wanting to move to Arizona anyways. Plus they say they have a very high percentage of successful job placement. I just don’t know if I’d be comfortable paying $1200 with my credit card over the phone or site or w/e. He said they like to get the hotel booked ahead of time and whatnot.

The site has a news clip about it talking about it. I emailed them and a guy from there called me tonight asking when I think I could join. I’m wondering if anyone has gone to this school or knows anything about them? I don’t know if I should start seriously considering it. I don’t have much else going on at the moment anyways. What do you think? Thanks in advance.

admin answers:

I’d be careful.

Not sure where you are from, are you ready to move to Vegas?

But this economy isn’t the greatest for hiring right now anyway.

I’d inquire with a casino, see what they think about these types of schools. It would be a lot better than what a Yahoo message board thinks.

Laura asks…

I don’t understand my mom..she is controlling me?

she gets mad about everything i do..How she controls me? hmmm where do i start… How about when i was 12. My classmates and friends at that age can already hang, watch movies and chill out. But whenever i ask for permission, she always says NO. I know that time she is protecting me because something bad might happen (you know bad world out there). But i keep on having the respond „NO“ until now! i’m 16! Even times like i wanna go to my neighbor’s house (50 steps away) she wouldn’t allow me. There was once a time just a month ago, i had this chewy candy (cant remember the name) it was imported. My Good friend gave it to me. That time we were walking and i cant see any trash bins so i kept the wrapper in my pocket. after couple of days my mom just SCREEEEAMED calling me. she ask what was i eating. „dont you know it contains drugs?“..Im just stand there and gave her a are-u-joking? look. she said „U crazy stupid boy! its in the news! where u got this blabla“…i ran into my room and cried. ..I will never take drugs! NEVER. I cried because how could she make a thought about me using drugs? she doesn’t trust me. From this happening i wasn’t able to go out even a little chat with my friends. I always lie to her whenever i hang out. Like „why are you late?“..“i was on a group project mom sorry“…lies lies lies, i always don’t ask for permission because i know her answer is always „NO“. and just an hour ago, i was watching a vid about dog slaughtery. chinese women protetested then blablabla. I got angry from those criminals. then i remember i need to ask mom a little money for cellphone load (20pesos) because my friends kept on texting me why i dont msg them back, dont wanna hurt their feelings. (i dont have much money because she always make sure that i have enough like she calculates my expenses like blabla pesos for fare, food etc. so i always dont have extra. and if there is extra, she gets it) when i got to her „mom can i ask for 20?“ ..“WHY ARE YOU MAD? YOU COMMING AT ME ASKING FOR MONEY AND YOU’RE MAD?!“…..mygad! my face was just a straight face or poker face with a little wrinkle on my forehead (due to extreme anger on the vid i saw about dogs)..i was so mad i ran into my room. That day she also gave my cousin MY bag. im not mad becoz she gave her my bag. I was just mad that she didnt ask my permission! i bought it with my saved money..she could a bag! why mine!?… its like shes the reason i commit a sin just for me to be happy even though there is nothing wrong about me being happy. Someday, when ill have kids..i will let them hang out anywhere! (tehy are limitations) but if there is nothing wrong..sure! go have fun beeing a teenager..its only once (so sad..its only once..) i will let them enjoy every second of it. i will not control their lives! i want them too be happy.. i dont want them to experience what i have been experiencing…i’ll be a good father..i know i can..
(as father..yes im a boy..see how crazy? im a boy and i cant go outside anytime i want. im like rapunzel or something)
Does anyone has the same situation as i am now? can we chat?
Thank you for reading anyway. its quite long. thank you for your time and effort.

admin answers:

She loves you

Sandy asks…

Youtube Video – 107 Fair Use Statement Copyright Law valid here?

Is it legal for me to download assorted poker clips for the reason of showing tells in the game for strong and weak hands and thus put a small footage together on how they work.

Also is it legal for me to take presidential speeches and interviews and use the same thing, examine the tells in a video format.

If I were to use this and claim 107 and not use the video for making revenue, is this legit?
I am a Youtube partner and I have once took FOX Business coverage and used this and they stated it was find with 3rd party contact

If it is illegal for me to download them and edit them, is the same true for taking my video camera and recording the screen of what I am looking for?

Thank you

Fair Use Statement
According to the “Fair Use” clause of International Copyright Law, the author declares that the use of the photos/images/information in this academic/reference/scholarly work is for purposes of “criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research” according to Section 107. – Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use, U.S. Copyright Code. The resulting work on Famous Plagiarists is a creative endeavor with value added through unique and original selection/arrangement of factual material and information, critique, expression, and classification of information.

admin answers:

The only thing youtube can do is take down the video! I uploaded a clip from family guy and it got removed!

Michael asks…

Has the world turned upside down as far as relationship behavior among men and women?

When I was a kid, my dad had his boys night out. He played poker with a group of guys. I heard that other stuff went on, on those boys night outs. Sometimes my mom would yell at my dad accusing him of all sorts of stuff when he came home later than expected. She really didn’t go out at night, except to work or to go out with my dad. If she got together with another women, she would meet a girl friend during the day. My mom never went out with women for a girls night out. Ever.
Today, since my divorce, I am finding one thing in common with every woman that I date. Girls night. Drinking is usually involved. And its not just a few beers or glasses of wine. Shots and beer chasers are involved. Pub crawling seems to be the norm. Despite the fact that it is a Girls Night Out, sometimes certain men are invited to join the girls, but it is never a husband or boyfriend of one of them. Or they meet guys who follow them from one place to the next. Sometimes there are sleep overs which include these men. Drinking all night. Partying all night. Its a mixed bag of unattached women, married women and women that have boyfriends living with them or dating them exclusively.
By the same token, I have been accused left and right of cheating on girlfriends for absolutely ridiculous reasoning. I was watching the news and the weather girl came on. I mentioned that she had a hot outfit on. My girlfriend changed the channel. If we are out on a date in the city, she has made comments if we pass any young single women dressed up for night clubs. She calls them the „hoochie mommas“ and points them out to me. If I dare to look at them, I get lectured about it.
When she goes out with the girls, I can’t contact her for two days. That includes the night she goes out and the following day. Sometimes, the partying is so intense that she takes the following day off from work and she will not answer my calls for 24-48 hours. When she goes out, she is incommunicado.
If I go out with one of my musician friends, see my cousin, or meet with one of my guy friends, my girl friend calls and texts me ever hour on the hour until she knows that I am home. If she finds out where we are, she will go there, show up, introduce herself to every one. And then she stays with me, uninvited. Sometimes, I just want a night to be with my friends.
This weekend she turned me down for two dates to go out with the girls. When she goes out with them, she will call my home phone several times throughout the night to make sure that I am home. If I am out, even to go to the drug store to pick up a prescription, she freaks out and tells me to get home as soon as possible.
And its not just the current. It was that way with the previous. And the girl before her.
So it seems that if I do not see her on any given night, she wants to verify that I am home. On the other hand, she insists on going out with her girlfriends and partying all night. She refuses to tell me where she is and I only find out later on when she is with me and has a few drinks.
She seems to go to a lot of dance clubs and bars where single people meet. She likes to fix up her single girlfriend. She talks and dances with other guys but she says „trust me I’m with you.“ Sometimes she goes off and stays over night with a girlfriend or girlfriends and partying goes on all night at one of the girls apartments. Often times, men are invited back to the place, but husbands and boyfriends are not allowed.
I am in my forties and these women are also.
All of these women seemed to have been in marriages and relationships in which husbands and boyfriends restricted their behavior. Now they are letting loose. But they also have trust issues.
It’s okay for her to party all night with the girls. But if I so much as go to a buddy’s apartment to play guitars and jam, she assumes I am dating another woman.
I really do not like the all night partying. With the current GF, she needs to take time off work when she is hungover. She casually mentioned that she slept on a couch and woke up sleeping next to a guy. She sometimes blacks out when she drinks or mixes alcohol and smokes pot. Pot smoking has been added to the girls night out activities. I am not sure if other drugs are involved but I know that boozing and pot smoking is part of it.
I could tell her that I don’t care for this type of behavior and break up with her. However, I know that the next woman I meet is probably going to be another carbon copy of one of the women from Sex and the City. I hate that show. And now it seems as if I am dating characters from that show. I broke up with Sarah Jessica Parker. Now I am going out with Kim Cattrall. I dumped one drunken player for another.
One of my college buddies had this to say.
„If they are that old and not married, for a woman, there is probably a good reason.“
He advised me to date a younger woman. That the women my age are not looking fo

admin answers:

If it were turned upside down that would be easy. If you woke up one day and had to call red, blue, that would be easy. The problem is that there is no consistency. Men and women are equal. That’s a good thing. BUT there are still those, some of whom are women who expect a man to be a man in the old sense, when it suits them. Sometimes it’s the same woman who wants you to be a man of the 21st century with all the sensitivities etc. And but at a different time on the same day wants you to be something entirely different – a man’s man.

If things were solid and unmoving, they would be easy, then you could be something. But this is all difficult because it’s constantly in motion.

Welcome to the roller coaster.

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