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Charles asks…

Can anyone explain the betting system of poker?

we are trying to have a friendly game of poker ( amoung friends) using plastic chips. But no one knows the proper rules of betting. Thanks very much.

admin answers:

It depends on the limit. There are several variations:

1. Fixed Limit: Probably the simplest. The amount of betting is fixed and the amount is up to you. Usually it’s slightly higher in the later rounds. Generally, you want to make the earlier rounds about 2% of the person’s average amount of chips, and the later rounds 4%. So if everyone’s playing for $10, a good fixed limit amount is 20/40 cents. When playing fixed limit, there’s usually a „cap“, or maximum number of bets you can make (usually 3-4) per round. You can play any variation of poker with this limit, but it can get kind of monotonous after awhile.

2. Spread limit: Usually used in stud games. You’re allowed to bet within a certain range every round (usually between about 1%-5% of the average amount of money; so in the previous example where everyone has $10, a good spread limit would be 10-50 cents). Again, there’s usually a „cap.“

3. Pot Limit: Pot limit is often used in games where there’s fewer rounds of betting, like 5 card draw or Omaha or Hold Em. In Pot Limit, you’re allowed to bet up to the amount in the pot at any time. So, if there’s 50 cents in the pot, you can bet up to 50 cents. If someone raises 30 cents and the pot becomes 80 cents, then the next person can raise up to 80 cents when it’s his turn. With Pot Limit, there’s no cap.

4. No Limit. Similar to Pot Limit (no cap, can bet any time, etc), except anybody can bet any amount (up to what they have in front of them) at any time. By far the most creative form, but also potentially the craziest. If spread or fixed limit are getting boring, I recommend starting with pot.

Some extras:

Check-raising: Legal in casinos and official games, but often not allowed in home games. A check-raise is when a player checks and then raises when another player bets to him. It’s a strategical move, and is often not allowed in home games.

All-in: An all-in is when a player puts the remainder of his money/chips in the pot. This situation is a little more complicated, since not all players have the same amount of chips/money at the same time. If one player has fewer chips than the remainder of the players in the hand and puts them into the pot, he is only allowed to win up to whatever he puts in. For instance, let’s say we have

Player A ($8)

Player B ($12)

Player C ($20)

If all players were to go all in, Player A could only win up to $24 (His $8, plus $8 from Players B & C). If Player B were to go all in, he could win Player A’s $8, and $12 from Player C at most (for a total of $32). Player C could win all of Player A and Player B’s money, since he has them „covered“ (has more chips/money than they do).

If all players go all in, there are now 2 pots: a main pot and a side pot. The main pot consists of the money that could go to ANY player: that would be $24 (Player A’s $8, plus $8 from the other two players). Player A has no money left, but Player B has $4 left and Player C has $12 left. If those two continue to bet, they are now playing for a „side“ pot. Since Player A has no money in the side pot, he can’t win it, but player B or player C could. So if Player B were to go all in with his remaining $4 and player C were to call him (he can’t raise, since there’s no more money), the side pot would be $8.

William asks…

Where to play poker on FOR FREE?

I just learned the rules of poker…today.. So I want to play now. But everywhere wants a deposit. I know I not good enough yet to play for real money. Is there ANYWHERE I can play that dosent require real money in ANY form? Lets say virtual money? Im not in the states , Canada, if that helps.

admin answers:

Here are some sites where you can play for free and still win cash. They are USA legal, so even though you live in Canada, you can play safely knowing the sites are legitimate and that US law will protect you in the event of any problems.

The sites all offer frequent freerolls for cash and pay you by check. One of them has a free to enter $10,000 US tournament, if you get good enough, maybe you can win it!


Good luck!

Linda asks…

How do you play poker pool?

I had the opportunity to play this game once while visiting friends in London, Ontario. I know there are commercial versions of the game, but this one was played with a standard deck of cards and a pool table with „8 Ball“ or „Boston“ pool balls.

Each player was dealt a hand, possibly 5 cards, from a reduced deck. The object of the game was to shoot the corresponding pool balls to complete and win your hand.

I only played it once and this was several yeas ago. I’ve tried finding the rules for it in games stores to no avail.

Does anyone know how to play poker pool using a standard deck of cards?


admin answers:

You pretty much have it your dealt 5 cards if you have a full house 3s over 6s you make the 3&6 and call your hand you win-If 4 3s you could just make the 3 and call your hand with only 1 ball the 3
you can bet after each player has a turn -careful you dont have to call so i could already have 4 of a kind when you call your full house then you lose takes some getting used to

I lived in London awhile myself worked at Campbells
Try it its fun

Mark asks…

In poker, tie breaker rule for two players accomplishing 1 pair by 1 card in hand with 1 card from community?

PlayerA hand = 6,queen
PlayerB hand = 6, 3
Community cards= 6, 4, king, 9, 10

Is this split pot for both players since we use king as their high card with the one pair being 6. Or is the game decided by comparing the second card in their hand, in this case queen over 3- player A wins?

Any website/books for deciding how to split pots and determine tie breakers?

admin answers:

You simply compare the best 5 card hands. A poker hand consists of 5 cards. Best hand wins. Simple.

Player A has 6-6-K-Q-10 (best 5 card hand out of the 7 available)
Player B has 6-6-K-10-9 (again, best 5 card hand out of the 7 available)

So it’s not comparing the Q to the 3 as the reason player A wins, as you can see, the 3 is never used. It’s comparing the Q to the 10 in this case.

Just remember it’s always a 5 card hand. If the 5 cards are identical, then you split the pot. There are no tiebreakers, one person has the better hand, or they don’t.

James asks…

Vegas party – How do I handle the poker chips?

I’m throwing a Vegas themed birthday party this weekend and am planning on having different tables set up with Blackjack, Roulette, etc. so guests can go from table to table and play the different games, just like in a casino. I have a bunch of poker chips to get my guests started, but I’m not sure what kind of rules should go along with the chips…like what to do when someone runs out of them, etc. Any ideas?

admin answers:

If you’re renting your games, teh rental places have guidleines to use.

If not, then start everybody off with the same qty of chips. If they run out and want to „buy in“ to continue, charge them something like –

50 (or whatever) chips will cost them a cartwheel or 100 chips will
cost them a striptease dance (just short of bareing it all) or something
like that that they’d have to do for more chips. It could be something easy like 5 chips for fetching a round of drinks for everyone at the table to singing I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy to wearing a flower in the hair for the rest of the night (if it’s a guy). Get creative.

Have a fun night!

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