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Richard asks…

How do you play poker? (BEST ANSWER- 10 POINTS)?

I want a SIMPLE, NEAT, & DESCRIPTIVE explanation of how to play+rules for poker xD please and thank you.

admin answers:

Far too much to explain.

You win by either getting the best hand or making your opponent think that you’ve got the best hand.

You’d have to go on a site and check the different final hands (pairs , straights , flushes etc) to get a better understanding.

Charles asks…

Does anyone know the rules for the card game called Singapore Poker? ( 2 three of a kind, 1 straight, etc.).?

Thanks alot!

admin answers:

Sounds similar to Phase 10 or Contract Rummy. Try looking here:

and see if that helps you out. Have fun!

Paul asks…

Rules for eight ball poker?

admin answers:

Do you mean 8 ball pool? If there is an 8 ball poker game, you should just google „rules 8 ball poker“ and you will find what you need that way.

William asks…

How do you play poker on reddead redemption?

I beat the main story on reddead but I want to get a hundred percent but I think the only thing that will stop me from getting that is the mini games like poker I have no Idea how to play poker in real life but now I have to play on reddead there alost of mini games I cant do but ill learn poker for now so can anyone please tell me the basic rules

admin answers:

There are different types of poker, but in all of them you will have a hand, which are your cards. The winner has the best hand, usually consisting of 5 cards. The hands go like this (worst to best)

-high card. An ace is the highest card, and then king, etc.
-pair. Two 2’s, 4’s, etc. Also, a pair of 4’s would beat a pair of 3’s.
-three of a kind. 3 queens, aces, 4’s, etc.
-a Straight. 5 cards, all in a row. 2,3,4,5,6. Aces can be used as A,2,3,4,5 and 10,J,Q,K,A, but not as for example say Q,K,A,2,3.
-A Flush. 5 of any suit (spades, diamonds, clubs, or hearts)
-A Full house. 3 of one number and 2 of another. Ex. Three 7’s and 2 Jacks
-4 of a kind. Ex 4 kings
-Straight flush. A flush that is straight. For example, this is the best hand in poker: 10,J,Q,K,A, where all are one suit.

There u have it.

James asks…

what is the rules for blinds and antes in no limit texas hold em?

I am putting a monthly poker game together soon and I usually play online so I really dont know the official rules on the big and small blind….like who puts what blind in depending on where the button is, and everyone put in ante?

admin answers:

It can get very complicated so it would take a long time to run through all the button rules. This is especially true in a cash game where you have people who get up and then come back all the time. Putting out missed blind buttons, knowing where dead money goes from a missed blind, and knowing where the button goes can be hard to learn. It also depends where you are as well. Some states like california use the advance the button rule, this is where you will have no dead button because the button is moved up to the next live player, but in most places they see this rule as unfair because it gives the player an unfair advantage, so most states us the dead button. Also you can never get the button unless you have paid all your blinds in turn, some casinos will allow you to buy the button when you sit down in between blinds, by posting a small and big blind. But most casinos you have to pay all blinds in turn to be able to play the button. Also knowing where a dead small big blind can hard for people who only play and don’t deal, there can never be a dead big blind, ever. Just remember that you have to pay your blinds in the order they come to you, you can never skip a blind in poker, even in cash games if you miss your blind you still have to make it up, you also can’t come in as the small blind, you have to sit out one hand and let the button pass you if you are coming from another table. I would suggest you go buy the pro poker dealers hand book. It is by Dan Paymar, this book has everything you need to know about the rules and how to deal a good poker game. Good luck.

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