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Chris asks…

Should i Quit Basketball…?

Sry if this is long…
Okay i love love basketball

i’ve been playing since i was a babi girl
thats why this is kind of hard

Freshmen Year i had a great season

Last year in i messed up my ankle really bad because the coach had me playing JV and Freshmen games so i was basically out for the whole season.
when my ankle finally healed he had me playing strictly freshmen… and i was a sophmore.
then i made sure i attended all the post season events… car washes, fun runs,clinics, weight lifting, summer pick up games, and out of state basketball camps, the coaches at these camps say im a very good player…

I tryout and the same old bs w/my head coach he’s alway bichin about me makin a small mistake like using the wrong foot for a chest pass..
he is always catchin an attitude towards my minimal mistakes…. which irritates the hell out of me cause some of his starting varsity girls do the same things that i do n h never seems to mind.
so i try to improve…

So now this year i made VARSITY!! i worked really hard

So last week we had our first scrimmage w/ some random team we won.
i am not a starter for varsity but i try to take full advantage of the little play ing time i get when ever i play….i score, draw fouls, play hard d,
but i guess that was not enough for him..

so Fri-Sat we had our very first ligit varstiy game( were a new school) in a tournament n my azz was ridin the bench the whole time.
WE Lost pretty bad it was our first varsity game.
i was sooo pissed..
he even had the nerve to broung along some freshmen/ jv players n put them in before me n totally forget the fact that i was there.
i was heated i ve been on his team for 3 three years…..

Sat i couldn’t make the folow up game b/c my mom did not want to see me sit the bench.. she came to see me play.

Now i come back to school on monday n the coach wants me to play on the JV team now …
he even gave me a jv uniform … i know wat that means i m going to be playing all jv game n not varsity.
i played both teams last year n it is alot of work i ended up fracturing my ankle last year… i don’t want to go down that road again
he said i would get to play more on jv but i tried out an made vasity.
why should i have to change which team i should play on when all i think he needs to do is let everyone play and rotate the players more….
i want to quit because i feel like im wasting my time im not getting any where. the coach is always telling me you don’t know the game, i don’t think when i play.. n im a mess he makes me feel like i suck.
but i feel like im gonna regret it n im giving up on my self

but at the same time im kindof torn because i really love playing ball…
but not enough for some one to tell me i can’t play.

admin answers:

Dont quit. Forget the stupid coach, he’s a total craze

Steven asks…

Verbally Vicious vs. Numlungz ( Rap Tournament Semi-Finals)?


How is this dude verbally vicious when he’s a hyperbole princess
who internally wishes he could spend eternity with his
head up Morbid’s @ss so far he wears his sphincter as a necklace
he’s thinkin’ reckless, but his lines hold sh!t…his flow is septic
I’m sepsis so accept it, the phallus (foulest) in challenge makin’em take dick
to the point he’s naked in triage gettin’ scraped with a rape kit
see, I know he wanted this win so bad he could taste it
but my razors spit give this homo a face lift, ****** up his homeo-sta-sis
I might make you my ***** and beat the sh!t outta you like chris did rihanna
you’re about as real a scripted drama….when I lift the Katana
they’ll be lot’s of bleeding I’ll leave him quadriplegic asking God to relive it
until he tears the fabric of time so I can go back put my Cod threw his fetus
then I eat you from your mothers cervix….damn I served this prick
just to prove his lyrics were worthless, then he posted and defeated my purpose
see I only battle when I get **** faced, I do it with no distaste
in a sick way I dictate your first loss like your skills were just misplaced

Verbally Vicious:

Got numb lungz cuz you tuck your tongue and deep throat Deebo/
I got unique flows, deep quotes, twenty thousand leagues below/
In a league of my own, so how you gonna steal this throne?/
Even ODB knows, “Jacques Cousteauuuuu could never get this low”/
This ho steals more lines than crooked cops at cocaine raids/
Wrote four lines, the rest is the best of our text on one page/
And I don’t sit still and think before I spill skills in ink/
Ill lines that rhyme fill my mind quicker than the eye can blink/
You sip Cris, I guzzle gasoline and spit flames in faces/
I’m sicker than a man wit cancer who f*cks AIDS patients/
But you’re the one with the death wish, I’ll eat that @ss for breakfast/
Your punchlines hit as hard as my little sister’s left fist/
and she’s bulimic and anemic, that last line just sealed it/
Now I’m a put a stamp on it, n!gga I just peeled it/
When this pain sets in your lungs, you’ll regain feeling again/
For now, inhale this Ether and let the healing begin/


admin answers:

lol @ bud
No question, great battle Numlungz!
Win or lose, props on your had some ill lines!

Robert asks…

Do you think this would work?

Lets start with the basics. I’m Asian (Hmong).

A festival thing is coming up where lots’o Hmong people go. So, I was wondering, do you think this could work if I did this?

(In dialouge(sp? DARN WII INTERNET D:) and stuff)

Me: (I go up to like a rice/food stand) Hi, I’d like to buy 2 bubble tea
Her: Okay (she makes it)
Ms: (I give her the money) „Oh I bought 1 for you too, do you mind sitting with me and chat for a few minutes?“


>> (OPTION 1) If she says [NO] I say „Oh its okay, I guess you’re busy, but I’ll leave this here for you“ (I walk away) she may feel like a Bi_ ch?

>> (OPTION 2) Her mother is there, she doesnt say anything, but the girl says no, end of day, they go home, the mom asks why her daughter was so mean and w/e xD [Possible?]

>> (OP. 3) She says [YES] would girl’s love it? esp. if its a first time?

>> (OP. 4) She says (IDK) but her mother says she can take a break. we talk… MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!


this sounded really embarassing LOL
but maybe if… T~T she.. did like me after the convo, it'd prolly be a long distance relationship. I go to a diff. county but same state.

I am doing this cuz the last festival, (few weeks ago) I sat next to a girl who I sorta felt interested in. but then i was too shy to say something then it ended. i felt saddened I’d never see or find her again 🙁

I mean how am I supposed to find the right girl in a yellow shirt, glasses, and umbrella (thats all I remember) T___T
there were prolly hundreds like that there 🙁

Well good news… it was fun. next festival now i guess. n‚ flag football tournament with my team 😀 (first tourney, we’re out of shapes prolly xDDDD)
I AM 16 Years old btw. I’d hope a girl around that age would do? IDK

or idk would this work?

i know this question might sound confusing or make no sense, but answer however

thanks ( :

ps – should i get girls with a wingman? jkjk xD (my cousin lmao)

admin answers:

I’m so sorry Chu 4 Life. I find your question a bit confusing. ( I’m an idiot , perhaps)

But in my opinion, waiters are not good girlfriends, I recommend a sweet, smart girl. I know this does not have anything to do with this, hehe :O

Don’t date athletes. ;O They slap really hard :W

Sorry for my incompetence…

Thomas asks…

2 tourney questions please?

1-If you could go to any first round game and sit courtside to watch the game.What game would you go to?

2-im a u.n.l.v. will they do in your opinion in the tournament?

admin answers:

I would go see Oregon vs. Miami (OH), because that’ll be the first major upset.
The Runnin‘ Rebels should make it to the Sweet 16.

Lizzie asks…

Who’s to blame: High Schooler or Adult?

It was a High School soccer Tournament. My team made it to the final 4 but we were getting beat really bad 6-1. It was only a 4A Tournament, which is decent, but not nearly as intense as a 5A Tournament. Anyways, late in the game my best friend Desean scores a goal. Desean is the only black player on the field which is full white people. After his goal, the opposing coach is going crazy. I don’t know why he was going so crazy, he must have been drinking some assohol. He’s yelling and screaming at his players and than starts talking bad about Desean. I’m getting incredibly angry at him and tell him that he can’t talk to our players like that and he starts egging me on. Finally he says the N word so I kick the ball at him as hard as I possibly can and it gets him right in the face. After this I was forced to apologize in order to keep playing sports, for which I refused. I asked them what the punishment for the opposing coach was and they said that he won’t be coaching the rest of the season. It’s my senior year, I don’t have any more chances to play on my team anymore WTF i’m pissed just writing about this. The coach just has to sit out one season and then he’s back pissing off players again. Didn’t my teachers screw the sh*t out of this?

admin answers:

If you stand back and look at this, there are two separate issues.

What the coach did: used the N word for which he was punished by a suspension.

What you did to the coach: You kicked a ball in his face, you were only punished for that because you refused to apologize for kicking the ball in his face.

You each broke separate rules ,and were punished separately, you could avoid your punishment, but chose not to. He could not avoid his punishment.

Two guilty parties, of different problems which cannot be tied together, because the coach was not using the N word at you.

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