Your Questions About Poker Rules

Lisa asks…

I want to know how to play poker and blackjack?

i dont know anything about poker or blackjack, nothing, so it’d be helpful if u guys write rules and how to play it and most importantly how to win it.

admin answers:

It’s easier to go to youtube and type how to play save five points 2

Robert asks…

Can I bring poker chip set with aluminum case in airplane?

I prepare to go California but I am worried that the TSA will take poker case if I don’t know about the rule. I hear somebody make new strict rule after Christmas day event. Please tell me fast! Thanks!

admin answers:

No problem.
It is not liquid
It is not sharp or pointed
It is not hazardous

Laura asks…

How do you actually play poker?

what are the rules ( i have only heard of it) and what about strip poker

admin answers:

There are variations to the game of poker – Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, etc. For a complete listing of rules for all these games, check out the link below:

Mandy asks…

Anyone know any tips to help me win at poker on Facebook?

It’s the app called Zynga Poker. It’s a lot of fun but I suck so bad at it. I only get the worse hands, and if I do get something decent someone always tops me. It’s so annoying! So, if anyone knows, like, any good advice, or rules I might not know about or whatever that would be awesome! But no cheats, I don’t wanna cheat, just advice please. Thanks! 🙂

admin answers:

Lol it’s luck and luck only… Try to fold immidiately when u dont have a good hand to save money

Sharon asks…

Dummy Poker??? I played this for pennies with a family years ago and it was fun. Where can I find rules?

Does anyone know this game?? TY

admin answers:

I don’t know this game but go to poker sites for rules

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