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Daniel asks…

How do I deal with ultra loose poker players?

I have a weekly poker game and the players are very loose.

Are there specific books and/or materials on line that I can read in order to deal with this?

admin answers:

I agree with the other posters that you have to play tight with loose players, i just let them steal from me for a few hands, then i pick up a hand and drop the hammer on them. I also don’t mind making a re-raise to there raise once in a while to keep them in line. But loose players can pick up aces and kings just like anyone else so be sure to pick your spot when you decide to play back at them. But i don’t mind laying down 2nd pair to loose players, it give the image that they can just come over the top every hand to take the pot. So when i make a big hand I’ll either drop the hammer or I’ll string them along if they don’t realize what I’m doing. I know many players who play loose, but they are very smart players who know when to let a hand go as well. These players are very hard to deal with, i have given away money to these kind of players. I have even been sick to turn over my hand against them, because i have called to whole way down with bottom pair and no draw, and they turn over the stone cold nuts, and i would have folded my hand against any other player (makes me sick). Loose players gets lots of action, and they win huge pots with there big hands, but they are also coming into the pot with weaker hands, so they need to be able to read the other players as well as the situation very well because they can get into a lot of trouble otherwise with kicker issues.

Linda asks…

How can you find a sponsor for poker?

I’m a poker player from Lansing Michigan, and I have no idea where to look for a sponsor. I can play very well, but I lack the funds to do much of anything. Where can I look for such things?

admin answers:

Qualify on the internet.

That’s the one way to be a millionaire.

Trust me on this one.

Ken asks…

How does position influence the game of Poker?

I’m a pretty amateur poker player; can someone please explain the strategy of position?

If you are one of the first to make a call to check/raise, and you have a crappy hand, is this the best time to bluff? Or is it better to bluff when you’re in later position?

Same with if you have a good hand, should you raise if you’re early or late?

admin answers:

If you have position over your opponent (meaning you act after him), then you have a great advantage. Since I, the player with position, can make a move AFTER my opponent does, my move is more educated than his. He has no idea what I’ll do, but when it comes my turn, I know what he did and gives me more information.

Let’s save player B has position over Player A.

B looks at his cards and has A-Q suited. He is short-stacked and feels it’s time to take a risk and go all in, but he must first see what player A does.

Player A is a very tight player who rarely bluffs. He bet’s a substantial amount.

Player B FOLDS, because he now knows that Player must have had something good.
Now let’s reverse this, Player A has position over player B.
B: Moves all in.
A: Calls.

Player B get’s knocked out of the tournament. Had he (player B) seen what player A would have done, he would not have moved all in, but he was first to act, and thus could get no tell on player A, as he had not seen his action yet.

Position is even more important in draw poker. Let’s say we’re playing a game of Kansas City Lowball (Five-Card Draw, lowest hand wins, Aces are always high, straits and flushes are bad.)

Player B has position over Player A.
Player A bet’s a substantial amount.
Player B has 2-3-6-7-J and doesn’t feel he can win with a Jack low (meaning worst card is a Jack, remember, high cards are bad) but he calls anyway because he can replace the Jack.

Player A draws one card.
Player B does NOT replace his Jack, because now he’s hoping player A will get a pair and loose the hand.

See how player B was ably to modify his decision based off of previous actions? He can’t do that when he’s first to act.

These are all pretty bad examples but I think they’re easy to comprehend so I hope you understood them.

As for bluffing, normally people will say that bluffing in position is better, because people believe you are stronger, not because of your hand, but because of your position. This could scare a lot of players out of the hand. However, players can quickly adapt to this style of bluffing buy reverse bluffing (checking with good hands).
Example, B has position over Player A.
Player A checks.
B raises all in on a bluff.
Player A calls with the nuts (best possible hand that can be achieved with the current community cards.)

Player B’s reverse bluff trapped player A’s bluff.

There’s in to one hand or position you should bluff at, it all depends on who you’re playing and how they’re acting at that time. It’s way to much for me to explain here. As for betting, it’s always better to raise in late position for reasons stated above but as beginners advice, I’d recommend you raise even in early position if you feel you have the best hand. A Check is to obvious.

Perhaps Divided by Zero will come and give you some real good advice. Here’s his Yahoo Answers account: Email his if you have any serous questions.

Carol asks…

How would I talk my local casino into opening a poker room in Nevada?

I live in Hawthorne, Nevada. The local casino here is called the El Capitan. They have blackjack tables but no poker so the locals have to travel to Reno to play. How would I talk them into opening a poker room in the casino or in the bar they own across the street? I don’t know much about casino protocol.

admin answers:

It will be tough.
The El Capitan is a pretty small casino. The gaming commission lists them at 234 slot machines and five table games + sports book. The county of Hawthorne is only about 5000 people. I think it will be a tough sell given such a small population base. Casinos don’t make much money on poker so they don’t open a table in such a small market.
I would ask the owner if he is willing to do a survey and ask his customers if he did open a poker table would people make a good faith effort to play a few dozen hands of blackjack before or after their poker game. Most casino owners view poker as a way to get patrons into the casino, but they hope that they will play some other games. Of course, you can’t legally require people to also play other games, but since Hawthorne is a small town the casino owner may respond to the wishes of his customer if he thought it would increase business.
Small casinos may be inclined to purchase a machine. However these machines are pretty expensive.
The only way I can think of is to convince him that he is losing business that is driving out of town. I think the only way to convince him is to do a survey. Sometimes small casinos open a poker table and then re-evaluate after 4-6 months. If you can encourage your fellow players to give the casino some other business while they are there, the owner may go for it.
A mini casino opened in Fernley that featured two poker tables so some small casino operators feel that it is profitable.

Mary asks…

What is the percent of winning at poker in vegas?

I just need to know how many people win in Vegas out of so many. Like for example: 1 out of 10 people win at poker. Or how often you can beat the house.

admin answers:

Well what game are you talking about? Texas Holdem is a game played against other players.. Not the house.

As far as what % of people win, its hard to say because its really a skill game.

Vegas locals are known to play together and burn tourists who dont what they are doing. Many of the locals can make a lving off winning at poker, at the expense of tourists with too much money. Even seen the movie Rounders with Matt Damon, the poker seen in Atlantic city is very true to life.

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