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Chris asks…

If a fertile person has sex on the days prior to and on the day of ovulation, is pregnancy guaranteed?

Or is there still a possibility of the egg not being fertilized?

( I guess I don’t know for SURE that I was ovulating because after I had my youngest baby I didn’t get my period for 7 months. Finally last month I got it and it SEEMED normal. According to an ovulation calculator I would have been ovulating on the 27th. I had some spotting which seemed odd but when I looked up spotting during ovulation my research concluded that it was a good sign of fertility. A few days prior to and the day of ovulation my husband and I had intercourse. Plus, I already know that I am a fertile person because I have 6 kids already.)

So back to the main question, is it a GUARANTEE that if I was DEFINITELY ovulating and had intercourse am I 100% likely to be pregnant or is there a smaller percentage?

admin answers:

Even with perfectly timed sex and you know FOR SURE that you ovulated, you only have a 20-25% chance of conceiving. Even that percentage goes down the older you get. So, no, there is no guarantee that you’ll get pregnant.

Lisa asks…

possible pregnancy? Did it work?

We’re wanting baby #2 and we planned it like this:
cycle started on april 23 and ended on the 28
we engaged in „activities“ may 4 and 5
on may 7th the was odd, pink discharge, barely noticable

now, I have mild cramping across my hips, and am extremeley emotional.

Pregnancy pee test came up negative, mayber I took it too soon??

Is it even possible? The Ovulation calculator said ovulation was between the third and the fifth…..
With my son I had instant, total misery, from about 2 weeks on, I actually ended up in the hospital, thinking it was my appendix, but I was pregnant. THis time its not like that, but just sore, tenderness on my hips and belly

admin answers:

It’s possible you took it too soon. However, I didn’t have symptoms until after I got positive hpts, but everyone’s different.

Sandy asks…

How many calories would you say I need to maintain my weight?

I am 22, 5’6, and 105 lbs. Yes, I know that is thin, but I have always been thin, and do not wish to gain weight. My BMR is 1300. exercise wise, I walk briskly for 2 hours a day, swing on the swing for about 3 hours a day, (odd yes, I know, but relaxing) and also shop a lot, and when I work, I am constantly walking around and lifting things. I am generally ALWAYS moving, don’t watch t.v., etc. the laziest thing I do is type at the computer, which I have heard burns some calories as well. And I only do this about an hour a day. I am also vegan. The only things with fat I really eat are tofu, peanut butter, and vegan butter. (On sandwiches) I know I can do this on the weight mainenance calculator, but was a little confused because I didn’t know whether my exercise was considered light, moderate, or heavy. How do you categorize that?

admin answers:

To maintain your weight you need to eat your 1,300 BMR calories and any calories you burn through exercise…that’s per day.

So if you burnt 300 calories in a day through exercising you’d need to eat a total of 1,600 calories that day to maintain.

Nancy asks…

I need $487.50 by August 9th(today is April 2nd), and i’m only 15?

I need to raise $487.50 by ..August 9th, for a big trip i’m paying for, a new bts wardrobe,and a new graphing calculator.Problem is, I’m only 15.i’ve applied everywhere(over 15 applications, ugh!) for nothing.No one will hire me because I’m not 16 yet.i can get a bit from allowance, but I do not have enough crap for a garage sale, and i’m not allowed to sell sutff online.I babysit a bit, but only odd jobs, and don’t make much.Can you help me?(: legit stuff only, por favor.ahahaha (:

admin answers:

Summer is coming up and I started working at age 11. I went to local farms and asked to help out. I was busting my ass big time for $300 a week sometimes! But at age 11, $300 is A LOT of money for a kid. Go try that!

Joseph asks…

How do you find the p-value of a test statistic with a ti-89 titanium?

I know this is an odd question, but does anyone know how to find the p-value on a ti-89 titanium. It is for a statistics class. Let’s say you are given the test statistic of t=1.11 and a sample size of n=4, and it wants you to find the p-value for the right tailed test (or two tailed/left tailed). I need to use my calculator to find it, but don’t know how. Does anyone happen to know how to find the p-value with just the test statistic and n value with a ti-89 titatnium?

admin answers:

Scroll down to page 8 of the source. Read under Student’s t distribution.

Use 1.11 instead of 1.23 and df=3 (since you have 4 observations).

For a left-tailed test, if your t is negative, because of symmetry, you may use the positive t and the appropriate degrees of freedom (one less than the sample size) to get the p-value.

For a two-tailed p-value, multiply the one-tailed p-value by 2.

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